Wall of Motivation (105)

  1. Dan S.
      Nice Job

    was that the Dallas event over the weekend? on a workout

  2. M P.
      Great Performance

    I like the sound of that "Brew Stock Challenge." I hope there is beer there! on a workout

  3. Michelle N.
      Great Performance

    Nice finish! on a workout

  4. Blanca G.
      You're an Inspiration

    Congrats to your wife and big Thanks to you for pacing her! ♥ on a workout

  5. Blanca G.
      Nice Job

    Your legs are back! on a workout

  6. Nicole
      Nice Job

    Fancy mileage! on a workout

  7. Mike H.
      Nice Job

    Nice. on a workout

  8. Blanca G.
      Nice Job

    Hills are our friends ;-) on a workout

  9. Nicole
      Nice Job

    Hooray for you - and the wifey!! on a workout

  10. Kristin F.
      Nice Job

    You did great!! You got out there and ran, that's the important thing! on a workout

  11. Blanca G.
      Nice Job

    Easy runs are my favorite run! on a workout

  12.   Hi-five

    Great pace, Derek!!! on a workout

  13. Blanca G.

    That was a GREAT run!! CONGRATS!! on a workout

  14. Jenn G.
      Great Performance

    Great job!! on a workout

  15. Dale W.
      Nice Job

    congratulations, way to hang tough in those last miles on a workout

  16. Blanca G.

    Congratulations!!! Great pace!! on a workout

  17.   You're an Inspiration

    Hell of a race man. 56 is impressive no matter how you look at it. Well done. on a workout

  18. Heidi W.
      Great Performance

    Great 4 and a half...but isn't today Monday? on a workout

  19. Erin C.
      Nice Job

    Let's hope this weather stays, right?! on a workout

  20. Corina C.
      Nice Job

    dude. really? 22 miles on a Friday night? you so crazy! on a workout

  21.   You're an Inspiration

    Fantastic miles! Hope your leg recovers fast! on a workout

  22. Vk

    Wow!!! Aweseome job!! on a workout

  23.   Hi-five

    Hell yeah! on a workout

  24. Blanca G.
      Nice Job

    Derek, great mill run! on a workout

  25. Vk
      Great Performance

    Wow!!! Great job on the double and more amazing job on the mileage! on a workout

  26. Greg S.
      Great Performance

    Sounds like a hard but fun race. I'm jealous. on a workout

  27. Corina C.
      You're an Inspiration

    You rocked it today, bad tummy & all!! It was tougher than I thought it would... read more

  28. Blanca G.
      Great Performance

    Derek, GREAT 20 miler!!!!! on a workout

  29. Blanca G.
      Nice Job

    Derek, that was a very good treadmill run!!! on a workout

  30. Erin C.
      Nice Job

    Dang!!! Had no idea you were so speedy!!! Great miles!! on a workout

  31.   Nice Job

    Great outing today, Derek! on a workout

  32.   Hi-five

    Valiant effort under roasty conditions, Derek. on a workout

  33.   Hi-five

    I'm w/Michelle on it. Great effort out there today, Derek. Hope you have a su... read more

  34. Mike H.
      You're an Inspiration

    Outrageous performance in this killer heat! on a workout

  35. Mike H.
      Nice Job

    Killer miles for the week! on a workout

  36. Vk
      Nice Job

    Nice job toughing it out! on a workout

  37. Vk
      Nice Job

    Welcome back! That's a good long run after a long vacation! on a workout

  38. Dixie B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Very nice Derek!! I hope one day I will be able to complete a full marathon. on a workout

  39. Dixie B.
      Post a workout!

    We miss following your training! I hope you are doing well.

  40. Richard H.

    Nice one Derek! Congrats buddy! on a workout

  41. Shona
      You're an Inspiration

    Great job!!! on a workout

  42.   Congrats

    Awesome job Derek!! Congratulations! on a workout

  43. Vk
      Great Performance

    WOW! Great job!!! on a workout

  44. Richard H.
      You're an Inspiration

    Happy B-day Derek; nice work out there too! on a workout

  45. Mike H.
      Good Luck

    Nice run, Derek. Good luck on the 50! on a workout

  46. Vk
      Great Performance

    Nice! Super fast! That's the speed limit for school zones! on a workout

  47. Mike H.
      Great Performance

    Great week you've got going! on a workout

  48. Vk
      Nice Job

    Nice easy run! Wasn't it still pretty chillly this morning too? on a workout

  49. Vk
      Great Performance

    WOW!!! So impressive!!! on a workout

  50. Vk
      Nice Job

    Oh my!! The last 4 miles were a struggle?? Sometimes, just doing 4 is a big... read more