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Runningteacher logged 2663 miles.

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  1. RUN
    good 9.15 (trail and pavement) 9.15 mi

    Combo run (4.5m w/ the group this morning followed by 4.65 with the babe shortly after). My legs are in desperate need of a rest day, which is what I shall do tomorrow.

    #endureandenjoy #howihammer... read more

  2. RUN
    great 8.1m 8.1 mi

    Tested race pace 2dA & must admit I'm a bit disappointed. Hit 23:36 for 5k. I'm sure I could have pushed harder, but in the midst of it, it felt tough already. Was shooting for sub 23... read more

    • Lauren V.
      Lauren V.

      If you did a mile test hard, then a tempo, then this I would say it without a doubt affected this run. You did great. My old coach used to tell me never to take one workout as an assessment for your capabilities on race day but instead to look at your training as a whole, Adrenaline on race day with a taper always does great things for the body too- you got this!

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    • Runningteacher

      @lauren I needed that. Thank you! I did do it hard...too hard. Got down to 6:10 and just fizzled. Ended with an overall 6:36, followed by an 8:06 tempo for 6 miles. I'm awesome at training for ultras and even creating plans for beginning runners...BUT, rofl, I think I may be getting myself a coach soon. I told myself that when I hit 7:00/mile, I'd go ahead and hire a coach to help me hit sub-20.

      My legs definitely a bit dead even from the get-go. Not terrible, but it was definitely there, sigh

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  3. RUN
    good 6m 6 mi 00:49 08:05 pace

    Goal was 2 reevaluate training plan based on fastest mile (WU m @ 9:30, Goal Mile: 6:36, miles 3-6: 8:06). Overall pace 8:05

  4. RUN
    great 11.2m w/ one of my fav runnin... 11.2 mi

    GORGEOUS day 4 a run! Got 2 enjoy t/ trails w/ one of my fav running buddies! Ankle held up nicely. Man it felt good 2 get off-road!

    • Lauren V.
      Lauren V.

      sounds lovely- hoping some nice weather comes our way again soon, I'm dying to get outside for a run but it's been icy. :(

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    • Arleen C.
      Arleen C.

      Great long run!

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  5. RUN
    great EZ run 5 mi 00:45 09:01 pace

    EZ run after yesterday's push 2 hit t/ pace I needed 4 doc 2 consider releasing me. Hit t/ treadmill 2 keep myself from going 2 fast. Definitely hard 2 keep back when watching San Andreas. :P ... read more

  6. RUN
    great 6m (1st speedwork session pos... 6 mi 00:46 07:36 pace

    Mile Repeats: took a good 2 miles 2 get n2 t/ groove. 1st repeat sucked after not doing repeats 4 a month. >< Managed 2 pull it off AND more at t/ end!
    (WU mile @ 8:53, M1: 7:12, .25cd, M2: ... read more

  7. RUN
    great 9.1m w/ jogging stroller + ro... 9.1 mi 01:33 10:13 pace

    Get-baby-to-sleep run; 9.1m of rolling hills pushing 27lb stroller + 20 lb baby + headwind; pace was definitely slow, but that wasn't the point of 2dA's run. T/ point was to see how the a... read more

  8. RUN
    great 5.29m 5.29 mi 00:45 08:30 pace

    Not a lot of time 2dA b4 picking up t/ kiddos, but mami got in a good 5 miles. Started slow at 9 and slowly picked it up to 7:30 for the last mile. Miles 1-3 were nice and relaxed. 4 felt like temp... read more

  9. RUN
    great Mile rpts post-rehab 6.13 mi 00:51 08:19 pace

    WU M, (Rpts: M1: 8:04, M2: 7:50, M3-M5: 7:30) CD M
    Today was definitely a fight against myself. It took a good 2 miles to get into a groove, and I struggled to hold my 7:30 pace by the last mile. ... read more

  10. RUN
    great Track (Rehab) 5 mi 00:42 08:19 pace

    M1: 8:46, M2: 8:35, M3: 7:25, M4: 7:20, CD @9:30 (OVERALL AVG Pace: 8:19) T/ 1st 2m felt gr8! When I hit the 7s, I could definitely tell a change. 7:20 was pretty much top end 4 me, so I'm a g... read more

  11. walk
    great 3.5m 3.5 mi

    rehab walk, since I'm only allowed to run every other day.

  12. RUN
    good track (Rehabbing ankle) 6.1 mi 00:54 08:51 pace

    Avg pace 8:51 (wu mile @9:30, 1m @9:11, 2m @8:50, 1/2m @8:35, 1/4m @8:19, 1/4m @8:04, cd mile @9:00)

    I can definitely tell I've lost some, but nothing that won't be easy to get back, so ... read more

  13. I couldn't believe I actually heard this exchange between a mom and her young daughter. I had to say something. :(

  14. RUN
    good Pre-race shake-out run 3.1 mi 00:29 09:21 pace

    short EZ run 2 get t/ blood flowin b4 2morrow's race. :) #runsmooth #howihammer #orangemud #vegan #atl #atlanta #nomeatathlete

  15. RUN
    great 4.4m Tune-Up b4 Race 4.4 mi 00:38 08:31 pace

    1/2m wu (800x4: 7:57, 7:50, 7:37, 7:29) 1/2m cd (overall avg pace 37:30) ...can't say I'm diggin' these itty-bitty tight shorts though...are those type of shorts supposed to ride up ... read more

  16. RUN
    great 5 5 mi 00:44 08:48 pace

    easy-tempo run

  17. RUN
    great 8m trail 8 mi

    wintry cartersville trails Pine Mountain

  18. RUN
    good Mile Repeats 3.6 mi 00:28 07:51 pace

    Mile rpts were tough 2dA. M1: 7:30, cd: 2min EZ pace, M2: 7:12, cd: 3 min, M3: (.5 @ 6:49, 1min cd, .25 @ 6:49, 1min cd, .25 @ 6:55).

    T/ lack of sleep & energy from our tiny dude not sleeping ... read more