Wall of Motivation (72)

  1. Nfl N.
      Post a workout!


  2. Alex P.
      Nice Job

    Nice spin session on a workout

  3. Bharat P.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  4. Jeffrey A.
      Nice Job

    nice work out... shoot how i miss. speed training! ... on a workout

  5. Mike S.

    Way to finish the evening with style! on a workout

  6. Leo M.
      You're an Inspiration

    Super job getting back into it, Julius! on a workout

  7. Leo M.
      Nice Job

    Great spin, Julius! An hour of fun ;) on a workout

  8. Nini S.
      You're an Inspiration

    Whew! http://www.dailymile.com/# on a workout

  9. Gordie B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Wow! Did you compete against Michael Phelps? on a workout

  10. Christi Leigh C.
      Feel Better

    I would be restless, too. There's an article in RW this month that addresses... read more

  11. Leo M.
      Nice Job

    Awesome!!! Great race, Julius! on a workout

  12. Nathaniel D.
      You're an Inspiration

    Wow…that’s a run and a half! on a workout

  13. Linna
      Great Performance

    CONGRATS, JULIUS!! :D :D :D you looked great out there yesterday, you are an ... read more

  14. Maddy
      Great Performance

    Sweet!! I just did my first one too! So fun! You're hooked now arent ya!? Ver... read more

  15. Jeffrey A.
      Great Performance

    Nice sir ang Bilis :) on a workout

  16.   Congrats

    First 60K in the bag - Awesome time, Julius!! on a workout

  17.   Nice Job

    That is awesome 60K Julius! on a workout

  18.   Congrats

    Congrats my friend! Good job! We had the same problem but we made it! on a workout

  19.   Congrats

    First NYCM in the bag, Julius. Too bad about the leg malfunctions - great res... read more

  20. Linna

    JULIUS!!! congratulations on your first nycm!!! you ran GREAT!!!! sorry to he... read more

  21. Leo M.

    on running your first NYCM! Great job, Julius!!! on a workout

  22. Alex P.

    Oh man sounds like we had about the same issue there. Guess with 5 bridges an... read more

  23. Jeffrey A.
      Great Performance

    Congrats bro... astig... I wish one day i could run with you guys! on a workout

  24. Linna
      Good Luck

    Good luck on the continental 1-mile race! You're going to rock it!

  25. Jeffrey A.
      Nice Job

    Nice.. ang bilis! on a workout

  26. Nathaniel G.
      Great Performance

    Wow, looks like you're going to have a fast marathon time with that kind of t... read more

  27.   Great Performance

    Nice run Julius! I thought about the tune up but schedule didn't allow me. on a workout

  28. Joshua B.
      Nice Job

    Nice Run :) on a workout

  29. Linna
      You're an Inspiration

    holy moly very fast pace julius!!!! :) and for such a long run too! on a workout

  30. Linna
      Nice Job

    excellent run, julius! wow your marathon is coming up soon!!! :D great job in... read more

  31. Linna
      Nice Job

    holy moly your pace for 20 miles was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats on an aweso... read more

  32. Leo M.

    Great job, Julius! How did you sneak this one in without me seeing it? lol! on a workout

  33. Linna

    that is an impressive pace!!!!! great race, julius!!!! on a workout

  34. Linna
      Good Luck

    You're going to rock the 5K in Harlem! Ready to set a PR? :)

  35.   Congrats

    Great half, Julius. Congrats!!! on a workout

  36. Leo M.

    Great job, Julius! Amazing pace regardless! Well done!!! on a workout

  37. Linna

    JULIUS!!!! NICE pace and finish at the bronx half!!!! way to rock out! on a workout

  38. Jeffrey A.
      Great Performance

    wow ang bilis! on a workout

  39. Linna
      Post a workout!

    Julius! I miss following your training! Are you doing Bronx half, too??? :)

  40. Linna
      You're an Inspiration

    what's up julius???? i saw that you are running bronx half, are you ready? :)

  41. Leo M.
      Nice Job

    Awesome 17+ Julius!!! Superb pace! Good luck next weekend and have a blast! on a workout

  42. Muriel

    awesome job on the Brooklyn half! enjoy the burger! on a workout

  43. Moiz J.

    Wow, what a test; I'm sure your better for the expereince. How far in the sum... read more

  44. Jules C.

    Good effort on finishing the marathon. Doing 26.2 in the heat is a whole diff... read more

  45. Nathaniel G.
      Great Performance

    Congrats! Great job sir! on a workout

  46. Leo M.

    Great job finishing this one! Glad you're ok and not a bad finish time under ... read more

  47. Michelle
      Good Luck

    Have a great run in NJ this weekend! Good luck!!!

  48. Alex P.
      Great Performance

    Nice intervals and pace on this speedworkout. on a workout

  49. Leo M.
      Nice Job

    Great speedwork! Nice wat to enjoy a beautiful day. on a workout

  50. Leo M.
      Great Performance

    Wow, great run! You'll rock at the marathon. on a workout