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Nothing specific right now. Maybe a fast 5K or a fast 10K? Not sure. Just training for fun, health, and sanity.

Friends (24)

  • Vern M.

    Vern M.

    Beaumont, TX, Nurture body/soul through holistic health & fitness, whole-food vegan diet, daily yoga, and mindful living. Run for the joy of running. Marathon #13. Ultra #3.

  • Eric


    NJ, Improve my 5k time, 50 states + DC

  • Brittany


    Hagerstown, MD, 9x Halfer, One 26.2 2018: Get back into running after almost 4 years of not running. Eventually run my 10th half marathon, and 2nd full.

  • Patty E.

    Patty E.

    Chantilly, VA, To have fun and to inspire my son!

  • Jeff D.

    Jeff D.

    Reston, VA, Have fun and try not to be a lazy ass.

  • Jessica S.

    Jessica S.

    Lincoln, NE, Enjoying the run.

  • Angela C.

    Angela C.

    MN, Time to get the newlywed weight off for tour and for life.

  • Jen A.

    Jen A.

    Closter, NJ, MCM 2013!!!

  • Anna


    Fairfield, CT, Staying pain-free and happy!

  • Chris R.

    Chris R.

    Palmer, AK, Personal Renovation Project

  • Meg H.

    Meg H.

    , 50 hours of strength training; 750 running miles; 1250 biking miles; a full marathon and an Olympic triathlon all in 2015!

  • Richard K.

    Richard K.

    Annapolis, MD, Exercise, races, work outs

  • Alicyn H.

    Alicyn H.

    Arlington, VA, To be happy, healthy, and enjoy life!

  • Ken T.

    Ken T.

    Frederick, MD, Stay fit, be healthy, have fun! Sub 4 hr marathon Sub 1:45 half-marathon

  • Rose


    Oceanside, CA, To do everything I can now to stay fit and running for life.

  • Katie


    TX, 1. Be a fit, healthy mama. 2. Lose the deflated balloon like area around my middle (AKA Baby weight). 3. Get back into the sprint triathlons that I love.

  • Karen L.

    Karen L.

    Anchorage, AK, Practice skate skiing, do lots of cycling, stop falling while clipped in, build strength, fine tune physique.

  • Shaun


    Washington, DC, Personal Motto: How good could you be and how long are you going to wait to find out?!?!

  • Molly S.

    Molly S.

    Chicago, IL, Log 1,000 miles by January 1, 2013

  • Christina


    NH, People keep telling me if I run enough then I will love it. I've been running off and on for 6 years. I still don't love it.

  • Megan F.

    Megan F.

    Seattle, WA, Go Faster, get stronger, pretty much just be more bad ass.

  • Angela F.

    Angela F.

    Washington, DC, Getting back in shape from having a baby. I was training for my first marathon when I found out we were having our first.

  • Katie


    Alexandria, VA, IM Coeur d'Alene June 2012!

  • Leisl M.

    Leisl M.

    Hagerstown, MD, 5K race on May 29, 2010! 5K race on June 26, 2010! 5K race on March 12, 2011!