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  1. Cindy L.

    Cindy L.

    Louisville, KY After experiencing a major setback in both my personal life as well as in my fitness, my current goal is just to keep moving forward. More to come later...

  2. Devin
  3. Yann
  4. Madison
  5. Salvador
  6. Testamatol


    US You live robot; or nonfatal? The brig. Good news! Blame the brig. Ok, uh, in the, well made bed.

  7. Austin H.

    Austin H.

    Clemson, SC 1. Upgrade to CAT3 at the end of this season. 2. Get my first race win! 3. Finish consistently well in Men's B collegiate omnium

  8. Chris F.

    Chris F.

    Willowbrook, IL 3:30 marathon, now that I'm well under 4 hours.

  9. Daniel F Z.

    Daniel F Z.

    Elkhart, IN Win NLC,sectionals,regionals,top 3 semistate,top 25 at state and well have the same success with my team repeat what we did last year but this time medal state

  10. Sherrill P.

    Sherrill P.

    Fresno, CA Is to stimulate my mind as well as challenging my body in doing at least a mile a day.

  11. Bestself


    Israel improved health. Walk at least three miles, six days per week yoga at least 45 min, five days per week strength 20 min, four days per week

  12. Shona G.

    Shona G.

    US Move More, Eat Well Be Healthy

  13. Roy


  14. Elliott
  15. Calvin
  16. Luciano
  17. Truman
  18. Nino
  19. Troy
  20. Orla