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  1. Alexandra W.

    Alexandra W.

    West Yorkshire, GB Get fitter & stronger. Run, walk, weight train all my life. Get back to running 5K parkruns & do as many as I can reach by public transport (lots!)

  2. Andrew T.

    Andrew T.

    Gainesville, FL I've already reached my weight goal, now I'm working on core toning and want to gain 15 more pounds of muscle. Trying to get down to 6-8% body fat, at 12% now.

  3. Courtney C.

    Courtney C.

    Woodstock, ON To be healthy, shed some weight and be around for my family for a very long time....oh ya , and I want to do the warrior dash next year :)

  4. Nicole D.

    Nicole D.

    OH To lose weight and become the best that I can be.

  5. David


    TX Improve my fitness, lose weight, get blood sugar under control, have fun being fit. Possibly compete in a 10K in the next few months for good cause. Enjoy life!

  6. Gregorio S.

    Gregorio S.

    Canton, OH to lose weight: currently @ 177. Goal : 155 with 5% body fat.

  7. Victor G.

    Victor G.

    Los Angeles, CA Is to get down to my goal weight of 150 lbs.

  8. Shabareesh R.

    Shabareesh R.

    India Bring body weight to 65 (Long Term) Workout at gym on a regular basis (4 to 5 days a week) Cycle 90% of working days to office and back Try to learn Tennis

  9. Mikhail W.

    Mikhail W.

    Atlanta, GA New Year, similar goals! Fell off over 2014 holidays. Weight 140, run/walk 20 mi a week 9 min mi, Do 3 5ks,Get a butt lol! Be okay with being in a bikini!

  10. Gus J.

    Gus J.

    Indianapolis, IN Lose weight Increase speed, strength, and agility Tone for next year Train for marathon/ triathlon

  11. Andrew S.

    Andrew S.

    Gaborone, BW to been mentally and physically healthy

  12. Petia K.

    Petia K.

    Vaudreuil Dorion, QC - Lose 20 lbs - Run at least 2 5K this summer/fall.

  13. Will
  14. Alan
  15. Tonya H.

    Tonya H.

    Kansas City, MO Stay Healthy and Keep Weight down.

  16. Jeff S.

    Jeff S.

    Mt Pleasant, SC Weight Loss, overall fitness. Mid-life crisis mitigation.

  17. Jane


    Weight loss and to feel young again!

  18. Donna


    Long Beach, CA Good health, weight reduction

  19. Sunny K

    Sunny K

    Charleston, SC weight control

  20. Caroline


    US To stay close to my goal weight, keep eating clean, working out, and be fit the rest of my life.