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  1. Gail


    Erie, PA After being in 2 major car wrecks and having brain surgery, going from a walker to a cane to finally walking by myself. I'm walking for life now :-)

  2. Myckel B.

    Myckel B.

    Loenen Aan De Vecht, NL Run an Ultra Marathon Barefoot Make the world aware how shoes influence your walking gait and health and the benefits of barefoot walking and running

  3. Margaret C.

    Margaret C.

    Pyrmont, AU 2016 - Revised: 135 miles walking, Bike 100 miles, Swim 15k, Elliptical 50 miles in the year. One race in year, walking..

  4. Almueeza


    Grogol, Kediri, East Java, Indonesia I want to share about my hobby of walking.. . I want to hear about the hobby of people walking, running.. .

  5. Stephani I.

    Stephani I.

    Akron, OH 1,700 miles in 2018

  6. Upandhumming


    Clearwater, FL I'd really, really like to run a sub 25 5K this year and run as many races as I can.

  7. Chantal L.

    Chantal L.

    Delson, QC A runner, a cyclist, swimmer, walker, hiker and a newbee triathlon and duathlon.

  8. Sally W.

    Sally W.

    Saco, ME lose weight and get back into my walking routine

  9. Carol


    Boston, MA 30 minutes of walking per day

  10. Devin



  11. Ashley T.

    Ashley T.

    MI My goal is to cover 600 miles either walking, running or biking before my 28th birthday. So gradually I can build up to 1000 miles/year by the time I'm 30!

  12. Fikret Y.

    Fikret Y.

    Port Jefferson Station, NY Walking allmost every day after 4 to 5 miles and ride my by Bikecycle keept my weight round 155 lbs

  13. Keva L.

    Keva L.

    Dallas, TX By December 15, I'll be power walking 10 miles a week and weight lifting or doing Hatha yoga 3 times a week.

  14. Holly M.

    Holly M.

    Robesonia, PA Walking/weight loss and trying to move into running and biking =)

  15. Kate


    Somerville, MA I want to be strong like I used to be - more dancing and walking, and I want to do weights again. But all without aggravating my pinched nerve or bad wrist!

  16. Julie E.

    Julie E.

    New goals are to continue walking and losing weight. So far so good. Probably 4 miles will be the next big hurdle.

  17. Joli B.

    Joli B.

    TX slow burn fitness 2x/wk and by February 11 be walking/jogging 2 miles at a 10mph pace = 20 minutes!

  18. Martha C.

    Martha C.

    Grand Rapids, MI Lose 50# by 52 by Walking 500 miles minimum this year and biking 2000 miles this season.

  19. Amy K.

    Amy K.

    Centerville, MN Make fitness a priority. Get back to 25+ miles running and purposeful walking per week. Improve pace and endurance. Core/cross training a few times a week.

  20. Lynn


    Waukesha, WI is to feel good while having fun whether its biking, walking or attempting to run!