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  1. Luis
  2. Clem
  3. Susanne P.

    Susanne P.

    Kettering, OH Run 1 mile every day

  4. Robbie S.

    Robbie S.

    San Francisco, CA Just ran my first marathon - the LA Marathon. Now I'm staying in shape for the San Francisco Half-Marathon in July, then looking for my next Marathon...

  5. Brett H.

    Brett H.

    Madison, WI Marathon Next Spring!! Also, want to buy a bike probably a crossover type bike or hybrid not for racing but just a good bike to ride around the city.Suggestions

  6. Tori V.

    Tori V.

    To live a healthy lifestyle

  7. Lisa E.

    Lisa E.

    Houston, TX Under 3 hour half marathon on March 27, 2011.

  8. Jeff


    Fair Oaks, CA Get & stay healthy. Run my first 100 miler. Train consistently and become a better, faster, more efficient runner.

  9. Sue B.

    Sue B.

    Walking Three events this year. 40 Miles on Whidbey Island. 60 Miles in Seattle and 60 Miles in Phoenix, all to stomp out Breast Cancer .

  10. Derrick L.

    Derrick L.

    Firth, ID Lift weights and run! Have a 6 pack by Christmas.

  11. Janice H.

    Janice H.

    Get healthy. Stay Healthy. More trail hiking and running this fall.

  12. Gene
  13. Tracy
  14. Michael
  15. Carmelo
  16. Walter
  17. Roger
  18. Scott
  19. Rebecca
  20. Scheving