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  1. Abigail W.

    Abigail W.

    New York, NY Training for the NYC marathon in November! I'll be able to start exercising again at the end of Feb. and want to keep things going all year!

  2. Cate R.

    Cate R.

    Athens, GA I'm just trying to stay active and keep those endorphins pumping... Everyone should strive to be happy.

  3. Michelle C.

    Michelle C.

    I'm trying to be healthier so I can be the best me I can be! With that being said, my goal is to eat better, work out better and feel better.

  4. Joy C.

    Joy C.

    Austin, TX I would like to be healthy and happy. :)

  5. Michael C.

    Michael C.

    Atlanta, GA Just trying to be fit and stay healthy, would like to run a ironman eventually ..

  6. Vanessa S.

    Vanessa S.

    Long Island, New York, USA I'm not a runner. Honestly, I've always tried to get out of running. But I needed a new challenge and another way to stay in shape. So here I go...

  7. Sarah C.

    Sarah C.

    Cameron, NC 2011: Half-Marathon, Triathlon, Marathon 2013: Learn to run with my new knee

  8. Ryan K.

    Ryan K.

    Newton, KS 2000 miles of exercise for 2013. All outside. New Year's resolution.

  9. Amy O.

    Amy O.

    Philadelphia, PA Boston 2014 & a bunch of other fun stuff.

  10. Melody P.
  11. Krystle B.

    Krystle B.

    Sidney, NE I'm not training for anything specific. I just want to lose weight, get healthy, make friends, feel great and get some support! :) Hope to talk to you soon!!!!!

  12. Carrie


    Williston, VT 5K Race

  13. Alicia Q.

    Alicia Q.

    Gahanna, OH Short term goal, Couch to 5k accomplished! Next is 10k!

  14. Sharon W.

    Sharon W.

    Oklahoma City, OK To leave this world as healthy as I can, LOL!!!!

  15. Sarah S.

    Sarah S.

    Stratford, CT Marathon baby!!

  16. Emily R.

    Emily R.

    13.1 this summer?

  17. Carol V.

    Carol V.

    Tulsa, OK Be active enough that I sleep hard at night and can eat all the ice cream I can handle. I'm training for my 1st ever marathon in April. Stay tuned.

  18. Laurene B.

    Laurene B.

    San Diego, CA

  19. Cyn


    Jacksonville, FL Improve fitness/health while having FUN living life fully.