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  1. Ashley H.

    Ashley H.

    to run a 10 K and be in the 2020 Olympics for track and field.

  2. Cameron D.

    Cameron D.

    Meadville, PA Qualify for the NCAA Division 3 Outdoor Track and Field National Championship

  3. Elise J.

    Elise J.

    Kennewick, WA Stay active during the summer until I get back into track season at EWU. :)

  4. Jenny M.

    Jenny M.

    States for hurdling in track by senior year

  5. Jarrett H.

    Jarrett H.

    Clayton, NC To train harder, and become better!

  6. Anna
  7. Robert L.

    Robert L.

    Middlebury, IN Run 6 races this summer. 4 tris 1 sprint, 3 super sprint, and 2 5ks! and Get much better at mountain biking!!!

  8. Rodney W.

    Rodney W.

    Parkersburg, WV Having fun running..doing a couple or more half marathons later this year but the main goal is to help my children learn to work hard but have fun running.

  9. Angela N.

    Angela N.

    Franklin, WI To Get Into Shape For Volleyball Try-Outs In A Few Months, And To Be Able To Run A 5K And Keep Up With My Mom! :)

  10. Fernando C.

    Fernando C.

    Castroville, CA 1.To Work Hard And Become The Best Runner I Can Be 2. Be More Than The Average Runner! 3.To Do A Marathon Finish It And Feel Good Afterwards!

  11. Drew D.

    Drew D.

    Wake Forest, NC Become a better runner and get rid of my shins splints, also have a more active and healthy lifestyle

  12. Misael P.

    Misael P.

    Quezon City, PH Complete a full Marathon

  13. Tori Z.

    Tori Z.

    New London, WI Get into shape, and be a hell of a runner.

  14. Keny S.

    Keny S.

    Port Chester, NY sub 4:50 mile and sub 2:05 800m

  15. Emil C.

    Emil C.

    Pleasant Hill, CA To qualify for Boston marathon and become an ultra-marathoner

  16. Beth M.

    Beth M.

    Atlanta, GA My current goal is to complete my first half marathon and have fun while doing it! I'm running the Rock n Roll St. Louis Half Marathon on October 23rd.

  17. Mario H.

    Mario H.

    Buffalo, NY Just to stay in shape and be able to run a four or five 5k's a year.

  18. Natasha D.

    Natasha D.

    Virginia, MN Is to lose 20+lbs and Complete "Grandma's Marathon"

  19. Clinton


    SD become a serious runner again after a 9 year hiatus.

  20. Lovisa