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  1. Suzanne L.

    Suzanne L.

    Denver, CO to be fit, strong and healthy! Enjoy and embrace it when things have to switch to a new direction!

  2. Aaron K.

    Aaron K.

    Edmond, OK Get in shape and build muscle.

  3. Mike B.

    Mike B.

    Port Washington, WI 5k's/10k's currently, a sprinter's Tri soon. Then 20k's/half marathons. Once that's out of the way a marathon and an ironman.

  4. Kathy M.

    Kathy M.

    Troy, MI currently lost over 120lbs doing P90X. Completing final round and completing P90X2 in the next 6 months!

  5. Jessi R.

    Jessi R.

    Milwaukee, WI To show my athletes that it is important & awesome to be healthy & active! (To get back to where I was... Tough Mudder 2013, spring time half, and more!)

  6. Tony D.

    Tony D.

    Maple Shade, NJ

  7. Katie M.

    Katie M.

    Lose ten pounds for summer and get in bikini body shape!

  8. Hilary


    Run more and more

  9. Shatanya F.

    Shatanya F.

    Tacoma, WA Lose weight. Two dress sizes smaller by Jan. 18th. And enter into a St. Patrick Day 5k.

  10. Patrick B.

    Patrick B.

    Hagerstown, MD Training to become a strong endurance runner. 5k,10k and half marathons. I hope to run a marathon at some point. However, I really just run because I love it!!

  11. David N.

    David N.

    Buffalo, NY My main goal is to lose weight, but I would like to build muscle as well.

  12. Tyler J.

    Tyler J.

    NJ To run the Philadelphia Marathon in 2012.

  13. Glen G.

    Glen G.

    Lawrenceville, GA Run 5k in 22:00 or less

  14. Kim K.

    Kim K.

    Indianapolis, IN reducing my time for my 3rd mini-marathon

  15. Joe M.

    Joe M.

    Kingsville , TX

  16. Jared


    Sierra Vista, AZ 1000 miles in 2016

  17. Alexsandra R.

    Alexsandra R.

    Lewisburg, PA Overall increase my fitness. Get stronger, faster, lose some weight.

  18. Kellen A.

    Kellen A.

    San Diego, CA 1. Half Marathon 2. Marathon

  19. Collin
  20. Christopher C.