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  1. Kristen S.

    Kristen S.

    Pittsburgh, PA hit farther in softball!

  2. Play Ball

    Play Ball

    Delhi, NY To lose weight and log a combined (walking, running, biking etc.) 500 miles in 2012.

  3. Blondeponytail


    Omaha, NE I will be having my first child in June, so 2013 will begin with an active pregnancy so I can bounce back!

  4. Mark E G.

    Mark E G.

    San Diego, CA Complete Marathon before age 40 and keep rolling til I am no longer

  5. Michelle R.

    Michelle R.

    Bethany, OK To lose weight so I can go on my beach vacation and feel good about myself. And eventually, someday, run a 1/2 marathon.

  6. Rachel P.

    Rachel P.

    Glendale, CA Run a second half marathon (possibly the Hollywood Half), build strength through weight lifting and increase flexibility.

  7. Terry D.

    Terry D.

    Mac Clenny, FL To be the most awesome!!!

  8. Rachel M.

    Rachel M.

    San Diego, CA To eat healthier! And to train for my upcoming 10k!

  9. Mark S.
  10. Annette R.

    Annette R.

    Los Angeles, CA I need to lose 20 lbs, help!!!!

  11. Mark
  12. Daren K.

    Daren K.

    Eugene, OR better overall fitness and a role model for my children 2012 Disney World Marathon

  13. Jody P.

    Jody P.

    Lagrange, GA Angel's House 10K, ING Half Marathon, Peachtree Road Race

  14. David H.

    David H.

    Houston, TX To be the fitest I have ever been, and stay that way

  15. Aaron G.

    Aaron G.

    Woodbridge, VA Keeping sane since my day job mainly consist of sitting at a computer or in meetings

  16. Melinda C.

    Melinda C.

    Woodstock, GA Keep moving forward or just keep on moving

  17. Kevin P.

    Kevin P.

    Bakersfield, CA To get in great overall shape

  18. Daniel B.

    Daniel B.

    Ellendale, MN Hobo Day 5K

  19. Jeff


    Milwaukee, WI Get back into running shape.

  20. Kris


    Milwaukee, WI