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  1. Janet


    Sydney, AU to get fit for SCUBA diving and, of course, there's a vanity part to it - as well as look good in bikinis for summer. ha! :-)

  2. Dave
  3. Neil
  4. Anthony
  5. Mariano
  6. Delmar
  7. Andrew L.

    Andrew L.

    Columbus, GA Health and Fun

  8. Shae G.

    Shae G.

    San Diego, CA Finish (& medal) in the top 3 of my age/division :)

  9. John M.

    John M.

    Omaha, NE to run a half marathon

  10. Vicki L R.

    Vicki L R.

    Marysville, WA Seattle Marathon November 2010

  11. Gene W.

    Gene W.

    Adairsville, GA To do Ironman in October 11'

  12. Trevor L D.

    Trevor L D.

    Honolulu, HI

  13. Levi


    Israel Half marathon 2013 Jerusalem.

  14. Reynolds


    Oakdale, MN To keep a more active lifestyle

  15. Monalyssa


    Dallas, TX

  16. Elaine V.

    Elaine V.

    Reno, NV Run without hurting, for the rest of my life. Also, a marathon in 2012!

  17. Paul C.

    Paul C.

    Vancouver, BC To be fit!

  18. Sharath R.

    Sharath R.

    Bangalore, IN Short Term: 1:50 HM, 00:49 10K. 2:59 Olympic Tri. Long Term: 1:40 HM, 00:45 10K, 2:30 Tri.

  19. Kasi


    Melbourne, AU 1. Train to be able to run a Half-Marathon. 2. Lose 5-10kg this year. 3. Keep from regaining the weight I have already lost.

  20. Sergio F.

    Sergio F.

    San Diego, CA Get out of the house, away from the TV, beat the heart & see the world.