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  1. Aaron D.

    Aaron D.

    Kansas City, MO To live, i weigh 265 and im 5'8 so i need to loose weight to live.

  2. Kate U.

    Kate U.

    Toronto, ON health and fitness. I think I want to do a duathlon sprint in Aug... 5k run 20k bike 5k run. Also either Toronto Waterfront half, or the Cape to Cabot this fall

  3. Angelica C.

    Angelica C.

    Corpus Christi, TX Beach to Bay and San Antonio Half marathon. Also like to do bike rides.

  4. Bill J.

    Bill J.

    Mystic, CT New Haven 20K!

  5. Emmet B.

    Emmet B.

    Hastings, NE RAGBRAI ride Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa , BRAN bike ride across Nebraska , Kool-Aid Days Ride, Half Marathon, 25 pounds weight loss,

  6. Enzo H.

    Enzo H.

    Quezon City, PH to simply be injury free

  7. Ronald T.

    Ronald T.

    Flagstaff, AZ Rim to rim to rim 2014. Just returned to the Southwest, and happy to be back in God’s country.

  8. Dave E.

    Dave E.

    England, UK

  9. Andy S.

    Andy S.

    MA Run an ultra.

  10. David M.

    David M.

    Toronto, ON recovering from twisting my ankle, really want to get back to riding, mis it so much

  11. Val


    Houston, TX I'd been posting my miles since August, 2010. 'Running miles' only since miles from bikes won't be post in here. Running since age 16. I'll keep running...

  12. Darlene K.

    Darlene K.

    Spokane, WA finally getting down to my goal weight

  13. Charlie S.

    Charlie S.

    Easley, SC Live life to the fullest.

  14. Cuneyt E.

    Cuneyt E.

    Turkey have fun

  15. Henry F.

    Henry F.

    Annapolis, MD

  16. David W.

    David W.

    Little Rock, AR

  17. Dominic P.

    Dominic P.

    St Lazare, QC Get in good enough shape to not get dropped or drop dead.

  18. Huade T.

    Huade T.

    Brooklyn, NY Stay fit and travel for free. Finish rehabilitating broken Surley.

  19. Scott


    State College, PA Play harder than last year First Half Marathon this year Maybe enter a tri sprint

  20. Keith P.

    Keith P.

    Glastonbury, CT