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  1. Rita D.

    Rita D.

    Bloomington, IL Weekly Run 10 - 15 miles with 3 - 4 cardio cross trains-Spinning; 2 - 3 strength based workouts including push ups; 2 - 3 yoga and/or pilates workouts

  2. Aimee S.

    Aimee S.

    AR Running is my first love. I'm a 5k - Ultra Marathon gal. Boston Qualifier. Pilates, Booty Barre & Spin Instructor.

  3. Anney P.

    Anney P.

    London, ON Cardio a minimum of 3 times per week, running, skating and biking. Yoga & Pilates plus weights, etc for strength & flexibility. Scheduling is a problem.

  4. Alexis B.

    Alexis B.

    Cooper City, FL to fell alive and well in my body and to enjoy dynamic sports such as running, swimming, and pilates.

  5. Michele


    Richmond, VA Since turning 40, I chose to be healthier. So far: 24lbs lost, become vegan, am addicted to pilates; registered for an upcoming half marathon this fall.

  6. Nilgun E.

    Nilgun E.

    Hamileligim suresince fit kalabilmek ve pilates egzersizlerime devam edebilmek

  7. Misssycass


    Singapore pilates x2/week run 5k/week

  8. Pablo
  9. Marta B.

    Marta B.

    US My goal is to put an extra "UMPH" back into my cardio and try to connect running with Pilates (in my own body).

  10. Sharat S.

    Sharat S.

    Bangalore, IN Cycle 4000 Km's and Run 350 Km's in 2015.

  11. Gwyn


    Chicago, IL To not take running for granted! (and to work on being injury free from here on out!)

  12. Paige L.

    Paige L.

    Los Angeles, CA I'm interested in mountain biking and learning about the trails around town!

  13. Lesli B.
  14. Harry
  15. Linda
  16. Kermit
  17. Ramon
  18. Sebastian
  19. Christian
  20. Vaughn