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  1. Jenna Z.

    Jenna Z.

    San Diego, TX Hey friends my goal is to make a tour of whole world within a very short time i realy love to do so, i like to participate my friends in my works as well.

  2. Jessica P.
  3. Angela G.

    Angela G.

    To run with friends & to be an example to my kids for as long as I possibly can.

  4. Sebastian C.

    Sebastian C.

    Reston, VA Newport Marathon (6/2) and try to run a sub 7 minute mile and a sub 45 minute 10k. Run with my friends more often.

  5. Pete B.

    Pete B.

    Penn, GB Catch Andrea,

  6. Laura W.

    Laura W.

    Murfreesboro, TN to "STILL" BECOME a runner!!!

  7. Justin
  8. Wash
  9. Jodie
  10. Peter
  11. Darryl
  12. Dominic
  13. Markus
  14. Nik


  15. Anthony
  16. Ransom
  17. Alf


  18. Isaac
  19. Martha
  20. Marcelo