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  1. John S.

    John S.

    To get my fitness level back to my high standard. Been off it for a long time. Heart health is my objectives

  2. Mark B.

    Mark B.

    Pittsburgh, PA My original goal was just to get off my ass and kick some (a lot) weight, but somewhere along this adventure I started to enjoy it. My goal is to keep going!

  3. Fatima N.

    Fatima N.

    Littleton, CO Get into shape & loose my fluff!

  4. Jill C.

    Jill C.

    Bothell, WA My identity is in Christ not goals. But I am striving to be active and healthy! :) And teach my girls a healthy lifestyle.

  5. Kristine M.

    Kristine M.

    Running my first marathon with my husband October 24th. Can't wait!

  6. Sherry S.

    Sherry S.

    Winnipeg, MB To complete the "Couch to 5K" program and then run my 1st 5K. I would then like to work towards my 1st 10K!

  7. Diana M F.

    Diana M F.

    Chicago Marathon

  8. Neville J B.

    Neville J B.

    Chennai, IN Rower, Runner, Cyclist! Give my best in completing the task and inspire others to keep healthy and fit! Motivate my self to succeed with hard work dedication.

  9. Linda H.

    Linda H.

    Omaha, NE to increase my running miles and PR . Find more friends to run with and road bike with.

  10. Ellie T.

    Ellie T.

    Cleveland, GA Conditioning my heart and my body for life!

  11. Michael F.

    Michael F.

    Fort Worth, TX To be as fit and healthy as I can so I can keep up with my sons. Increase my power and performance in cycling and running and along the way hit my PB in both.

  12. Wanda R.

    Wanda R.

    San Antonio, TX Allow my trainer to push me out of my comfort zone so that I can build to running my first marathon this year!

  13. Cotis G.

    Cotis G.

    Milwaukee, WI My goal is to be success in all my workouts, and lose 80 or more lbs . I want to be around longer for my kids, to watch them grow up and do more activities.

  14. Bobbi C.

    Bobbi C.

    Hamilton, ON My goals to exercise,maintain a holistic healthy living lifestyle & maintain a good balance with my mind, body & spirit. Enjoy nature & live along my journey.

  15. Jackie F.

    Jackie F.

    Kansas City, KS I absolutely love running marathons and participating in sprint tris with my friends. Currently training for my first half Ironman

  16. Geosponge


    Fitness is my primary goal. I will lose the spare, get toned and clear my head. Post-op will not be an excuse any more. Trek hybrid 7.2 FX

  17. Joanna


    Simpsonville, SC My goal is to be happy and healthy! Running the Spinx Full Marathong October 29th!

  18. Rachel N.

    Rachel N.

    No specific weight loss goal. I just want to feel better and stronger!

  19. Monica W.

    Monica W.

    Roseville, CA My goal is to complete the Couch to 5K plan and become a runner. In doing so I hope to improve my fitness and health and shed some pounds.

  20. Adam P.

    Adam P.

    Lincoln, MA To stay healthy and happy foremost. Break the 6 minute mile mark. Run my first: Half/Full Marathons. Set PRs in 5K and 10K. Get my boys into kids fun run.