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  1. Tim S.

    Tim S.

    Springfield, MO Cross training. Yoga, climbing, swimming, lifting, cycling, trail running. Getting ready for adventure race in May and climbing comp in September.

  2. Andrea H.

    Andrea H.

    CO A balance of distance running and weight-lifting. Figuring out that balance of endurance and power.

  3. Daniel


    Washington, DC I'm looking to balance my weight lifting routine with more cardiovascular activity.

  4. Atalee P.

    Atalee P.

    Franklin, WI to always PR and beat last year's times! Make new friends and have the time of my life! swimming, biking, running, walking, jogging, skipping, dancing, lifting!

  5. Cristina


    Washington, DC Challenging myself with lifting, running and fitness in general.

  6. Aimee L.

    Aimee L.

    Houston, TX Run Houston's Half Marathon - Jan 2013. Goal to meet my last time 2:15:38. Also get stronger with CrossFit & Olympic Lifting. So much fun!!!!

  7. Rachel P.

    Rachel P.

    Glendale, CA Run a second half marathon (possibly the Hollywood Half), build strength through weight lifting and increase flexibility.

  8. Chris D.

    Chris D.

    Albuquerque, NM Former runner, just looking to stay in decent shape. Also, hit 250 pounds on bench by the time my 1 year anniversary with lifting starts in April :) @ 225 now!

  9. Joe V.

    Joe V.

    Chicago, IL To get back into ultra running form. Find balance between running and lifting.

  10. Hope G.

    Hope G.

    Eagan, MN To lose weight and train to run a half marathon October 2012! To keep up with xtraining with New Rules of Lifting 4 Women and yoga.

  11. Josh R.

    Josh R.

    Rochester, NY To push my endurance to limit while running, riding, climbing and lifting!

  12. Duane
  13. Genevieve


    Cornelius, NC Weight lifting 3 times a week Daily yoga stretch To run 12 miles a week Run a 13 mile race by December 2013!

  14. Roman
  15. Jeremy S.

    Jeremy S.

    Lincoln, NE To get stronger every day. Lifting is priority, but starting to feel the addiction of trail running.

  16. Jason P.

    Jason P.

    Stay at least one step ahead of the zombies.

  17. Rebekah Reidy M.

    Rebekah Reidy M.

    St Petersburg, FL Bolt Run, St. Pete Run Fest Half, Space Coast Full, Tri Key West Olympic

  18. 2fit-2quit


    Evansville, IN

  19. Greg R.

    Greg R.

    Austin, TX Now that the beach volleyball season is over, I need to re-establish other healthy fitness habits. My goal is to return to training five days a week.

  20. Carie A.

    Carie A.

    Creston, IA Train while breastfeeding, run a sub-4 full, run a sub-2 half, run a sub-25 min 5K, run 1,000 miles in 2015! Perhaps run a 50K?!