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  1. Rachel G.

    Rachel G.

    To knock 29mins off a marothon time in 5 months...prob not going to happen but going to have fun trying :)

  2. Brittany


    To run, climb, and bike my way to a 6pack

  3. Brendetta C.

    Brendetta C.

    Fort Mill, SC is to stop walking and start back running non-stop in a timely fashion.

  4. Karen T.

    Karen T.

    Richmond, VA to train for the Run a Muck

  5. Suzanne C.

    Suzanne C.

    Washington, DC To finish the Marine Corps Marathon strong and injury free in October! And balance training with work and law school in the Fall.

  6. Jen P.

    Jen P.

    Lake Mary, FL To get stronger, lose about 15-20 pounds,

  7. Sharon W.

    Sharon W.

    London, GB Is to complete 10k in 11/2 hours.

  8. Cyn


    Jacksonville, FL Improve fitness/health while having FUN living life fully.

  9. Connie V.

    Connie V.

    Mission Viejo, CA

  10. Whitney F.

    Whitney F.

    Ann Arbor, MI 2013 - Sprint Triathalon

  11. Teigha S.

    Teigha S.

    Duluth, GA 10k September 10, Triathlon October 9

  12. David H.

    David H.

    Build on the base of fitness I achieved during deployment.

  13. Joy Ann H.

    Joy Ann H.

    Winter Haven, FL Improve my over all pace.

  14. Pam V.

    Pam V.

    Tulsa, OK Marine Corp Marathon 2013

  15. Anne G.

    Anne G.

    Chicago, IL Avoid injury, avoid boredom, and keep on running!

  16. Lisa J.

    Lisa J.

    Pittsburgh, PA Run a sub 29 minute 5K, run a sub 2:10:00 half marathon, bike 50 miles for fun. Full marathon: COMPLETED (May 2011!)

  17. Coleen W.

    Coleen W.

    Lawrence, NJ half marathon on September 19, 2010. Goal time is 1:35 (my pr is 1:42)

  18. Laura


    Irving, TX a triathalon

  19. Vira K.

    Vira K.

    Lansdale, PA Sub-4:00 at NJ Marathon! And have fun along the way!

  20. Jada K.

    Jada K.

    SD Complete 1 race each month in 2011