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  1. Jaime S.

    Jaime S.

    Detroit, MI To find a running group or at least one friend to help me run all year, baby on board & all! If you can run fast, you surely can run s l o w :)

  2. Donn
  3. Heidi H.

    Heidi H.

    Chicago, IL

  4. Kelsey L.
  5. Alma I.

    Alma I.

    Milwaukee, WI To lose final 10lbs for Ultimate Goal!!!

  6. Eryn P.

    Eryn P.

    Cambridge, MA To run my third marathon with a first-time marathoner. Get ready for Austin!

  7. Shirley L.

    Shirley L.

    Austin, TX Nike Human Race 2009 in Buenos Aires Capital 10K

  8. Jason B.

    Jason B.

    Joliet, IL Illinois Marathon 3:30

  9. Mary


    Bend, OR Joined Team for Kids and will be running in the NYC Marathon, 2011:

  10. Brad


    Rumford, RI My First Sprint Triathlon in July. I've recently started trying to get into better shape and hoping that my first sprint tri will help.

  11. Kathleen W.

    Kathleen W.

    St Louis, MO To Run a HALF-MARATHON. <br> also...<br>To run a 5k in 30 minutes.

  12. Angela S.

    Angela S.

    Madison, WI Keeping my mind and body strong!

  13. Samantha G.

    Samantha G.

    Brooklyn, NY Work Hard // Keep up with the boys // Pass the boys // Never give up // BQ in 2013

  14. Jen S.

    Jen S.

    Mc Henry, IL to be harder, better, faster STRONGER!

  15. Leshaya P.

    Leshaya P.

    OR Have 2 more kids and still keep running a major part of my life.

  16. Terri A.

    Terri A.

    Scottsdale, AZ Love what I'm doing, strive for improvement, encourage others, and always smile!

  17. Desiree


    Denver, CO

  18. Christi D.

    Christi D.

    Winston Salem, NC Outer Banks Half Marathon

  19. Jessica D.

    Jessica D.

    ID To be healthy, happy and active! dream goals include running 8 min miles for the CDA Half Marathon and placing top three for my age group in the CDA Triathlon.

  20. Sarah


    Kirkland, WA 1) Get in shape for July Wedding and 2) Run a half Marathon September 26