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  1. Bary B.

    Bary B.

    Evolution Lean Keto :

  2. Cauline D.

    Cauline D.

    Evolution Lean Keto :

  3. Lohan
  4. Madison
  5. Evolution M.
  6. Zachary
  7. Tracy
  8. Hollie
  9. Ashton
  10. Ross L.

    Ross L.

    Dallas, TX not just being in good shape, but GREAT shape.

  11. Kevin M.

    Kevin M.

    Calgary, AB To regain some cardio fitness and enjoy all the steps along the way, and try not to compare myself to the former elite status I once held.

  12. Robert H.

    Robert H.

    Marysville, MI Boston Qualifier --done Detroit 2014 3:09:22 Sub 1:25 Half--longer term

  13. Jill B.

    Jill B.

    Sacramento, CA No more injuries Sub 1:50 half marathon Sub 4:00 Marathon Triathaolon

  14. Robert W.

    Robert W.

    Birmingham, AL Health, Run a Half-Marathon(Check), Run a marathon, stick with CrossFit regimen.

  15. Teresa V.

    Teresa V.

    Olympia, WA Do 100+ miles per month. Break 30-minutes barrier for 5K, figure out how to do a flip-turn in the pool, and tackle hills well on my bikes.

  16. Myckel B.

    Myckel B.

    Loenen Aan De Vecht, NL Run an Ultra Marathon Barefoot Make the world aware how shoes influence your walking gait and health and the benefits of barefoot walking and running

  17. Kristopher
  18. Noah
  19. Nicholas
  20. Julius