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  1. Patty S.

    Patty S.

    Burlington, ON Avoid mosquitoes and unleashed dogs. HAVE FUN.

  2. Sharon W.

    Sharon W.

    Oklahoma City, OK To leave this world as healthy as I can, LOL!!!!

  3. John K.

    John K.

    Traverse City, MI All weather commuter cycling, hardcore winter commuter cycling, for fun cycling rides.

  4. Cycling Jersey S.
  5. Ed L.

    Ed L.

    Stamford, GB My goal is to carry on with all my cycling and become as good as Cav if not BETTER!!!

  6. Suzi K.

    Suzi K.

    Joplin, MO ShamRox 15K - 3/17/12- DONE! Joplin Memorial Run-Half Mary 5/19/12 Summer Round Up Triathlon (Olympic distance)- 6/24/12 Mother Road Half Marathon- 10/14/12

  7. Philip S.

    Philip S.

    Beverley, GB To look like a cyclist rather than a cycling enthusiast. To have my best cyling season ever and of course to promote the Mules Cycling Team (UK) Chapter

  8. Avi B.

    Avi B.

    St Kilda Vic, AU Improve cycling speed and endurance. Eventually lose weight as well which will also help improve my cycling

  9. Jerranna C.

    Jerranna C.

    Franklinton, NC 100 miles per week cycling, 20 miles per week running or walking when cycling isn't an option, workout 6 days per week doing something!

  10. Richard K.

    Richard K.

    Brough With St Giles, GB I love Cycling, and it helps me stay fit. I also do the occasional running, but Cycling is my true passion. I do road and Off road. both are good fun.

  11. Adil G.

    Adil G.

    Mumbai, IN Road Racing, Time Trial events at National Level. A Cycling Federation of India & Maharashtra Cycling Association Racer, starting to train after 16.5 years.

  12. Stuart A.

    Stuart A.

    Birmingham, GB To break in to the A group in Solihull cycling club and compete in time trials

  13. Rajiv D.

    Rajiv D.

    Noida, IN @ Goal 1 : Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon @ Goal 2 : 100 Km in 2h: 40 Min (Cycling) @ Goal 3 : 200 Km in Sub 6 Hrs (Cycling) @ Goal 4 : Remain Consistent

  14. Paddy S.

    Paddy S.

    Houston, TX To beat my average of 20 mph from last years Hotter than Hell 100 Endurance Bike Ride and to double the amount of money I raise for charity in cycling events

  15. Kyla G.

    Kyla G.

    Cincinnati, OH 5k's, warrior dash, cycling events

  16. Gayathre R.

    Gayathre R.

    i want to become a triathelete. running, swimming and cycling. average 1000km a month

  17. Carlos C

    Carlos C

    Orlando, FL To be in the best shape I can possibly be...but not to win races but to win every day I walk, I run, I go cycling own victory

  18. Brian H.

    Brian H.

    Skaneateles, NY Skinnyman Sprint Triathlon in Skaneateles, NY

  19. Christina


    Louisville, KY Expanding my cycling horizons and abilities. Keep running past the spring races. Always push forward and never look back.

  20. Peter K.

    Peter K.

    Masterton, NZ Track cycling - 4km pursuit in 4:48m (50km/hr) within 4 years.