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  1. Knuts


    Wind Blow, NC To encourage more people to become life long runners and to live a life filled with peace and contentment.

  2. Kurtis F.
  3. Robbie
  4. Eddy
  5. Fred
  6. Celthric


    am also on other sites like facebook or i lvoe bowling, hanging out with friends and recently I fell in love with cooking!

  7. Louis
  8. Lohan
  9. Leon
  10. Kermit
  11. Jose
  12. Danieley


    Hello i',m Danieley From Indonesia. My Hobby is cooking and Travelling. You can see my blog and my video on vimeo and youtube.

  13. Nely Indah P.

    Nely Indah P.

    i am interest with this blog i usualy open this blog before cooking.

  14. Kathleen W.

    Kathleen W.

    St Louis, MO To Run a HALF-MARATHON. <br> also...<br>To run a 5k in 30 minutes.

  15. Alexis


    Atlanta, GA I want to be healthier and a smaller size. Right now my goal is 170 by my birthday, July 24th. I haven't been under 175 since 2004. Then 150 for Christmas.

  16. Victor C.

    Victor C.

    Okmulgee, OK my health!!! Its time for a new and imporoved me!

  17. Jerrell


    New Orleans, LA To be able to run continuously without walking.

  18. Jamie


    White Lake Township, MI Big goal this year-my first full! Would like to reach 1000 miles too

  19. Jessie
  20. Jon