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  1. Josh H.

    Josh H.

    Le Claire, IA 300 mile summer, and a state cross country championship.

  2. Daryl B.

    Daryl B.

    Midland, MI 2013 RUNNING GOALS -be consistent -stay in shape -get down to 165#

  3. Kymberlee T.

    Kymberlee T.

    Caldwell, TX

  4. Gwen


    Mission Viejo, CA To run & ski as long as the Lord blesses me. To share my training & passion for running & fitness with others...

  5. Tonya Whirlwind S.

    Tonya Whirlwind S.

    Saint Francis, SD To run a 8 minute mile again! And to loose weight, preferable body fat!

  6. Tom G.

    Tom G.

    Napoleon, MI Run a few 5k's this spring under :24