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  1. Bradley


    Los Angeles, CA 100 MILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lori F.

    Lori F.

    Racine, WI Exploring biking trails and bikeable roads of Racine and the surrounding areas. Also, encouraging biking for daily transportation needs.

  3. April K.

    April K.

    Fort Myers, FL No goals- just want to change up my workouts from all biking to walking, running and biking

  4. Chris H.

    Chris H.

    Streetsboro, OH Do more mountain biking, play more racquetball, exercise everyday while eating more healthy foods.

  5. Holly M.

    Holly M.

    Robesonia, PA Walking/weight loss and trying to move into running and biking =)

  6. David K.

    David K.

    Camas, WA Mountain Biking Competitions

  7. Stephen W.

    Stephen W.

    MD running, biking , weights

  8. Justin S.

    Justin S.

    Phoenix, AZ I mostly mountain bike, but I also like to do an occasional half-marathon. See my AZ mtb writing at

  9. Kristen N.

    Kristen N.

    Washington, DC not sure yet: 10K Trail series in August, picking up biking again, and climbing...

  10. Patricia G.

    Patricia G.

    Biking DC <-> Shepherdstown

  11. Alex P.

    Alex P.

    Washington, DC Biking centuries. Regularly.

  12. Jeremy B.

    Jeremy B.

    Neenah, WI Oshkosh Half, Sturgeon Shuffle, Bellin Run, Paavo Nurmi, Tough Mudder, Brewers Mini-Marathon.

  13. Martha C.

    Martha C.

    Grand Rapids, MI Lose 50# by 52 by Walking 500 miles minimum this year and biking 2000 miles this season.

  14. Tony L.

    Tony L.

    Inver Grove Heights, MN In the past year I have become more fit than I have ever been. Looking to maintain weight and increase endurance for mountain biking and other activities.

  15. Colleen J.

    Colleen J.

    US get back to running around 25-30 miles/week complete road and trail marathon biking 2-3 x/week lose 60 lb in one year

  16. Lori K.

    Lori K.

    Fort Edward, NY My goal is 2000 miles of biking this year.

  17. Rommel C.

    Rommel C.

    Los Angeles, CA America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride - Lake Tahoe, CA

  18. Brian R.

    Brian R.

    Kansas City, MO Have fun running, biking, and being active!

  19. Bri


    Bend, OR Working on getting back to it post knee surgery. Running, cycling, mountain biking, hiking, swimming... you name it.

  20. Lynn


    Waukesha, WI is to feel good while having fun whether its biking, walking or attempting to run!