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  1. Shelley W.

    Shelley W.

    Huntsville, AL Complete my 1st HM in under 2hrs! And of course be The Best "Baby" I can be! ;-)

  2. Christine M.

    Christine M.

    Chicago, IL I'd like to loose about 18 lbs. of lard that I'm carrying around and convert into muscle! I'm going to try this running thing again b/c it worked well in '07!

  3. Wendy


    PA 2014 goals - get back running and conquer a marathon...also focus on nutrition and fitness overall.

  4. Crestina


    Nanaimo, BC Get back into running and run another marathon, hopefully. :-)

  5. Samantha R.

    Samantha R.

    Brookfield, IL I want to stay active! And I want to improve my running all the time.

  6. Garry M.

    Garry M.

    Washington, MO For 2013 return to running a consistent 20 mile week. The knees are doing well thanks to a new running style I have adopted.

  7. Jessica C.

    Jessica C.

    Shelton, WA To be as great as my running mentors! Someday I will get there.

  8. Michael Louis Y.

    Michael Louis Y.

    Fishers, IN a marathon (chicago) and some half marathons around indy

  9. Sandra S.

    Sandra S.

    Wetumpka, AL I really don't have a goal just enjoy running long distance

  10. Amanda W.

    Amanda W.

    Merrimack, NH In 2011 I ran 311 miles plus many more on the gym machines and lost 48 lbs! In 2012 I became preggo and only managed 71! This year I hope to hit 400!

  11. Libby G.

    Libby G.

    Springfield, VA 2011-2012: First 5K, 10K, 15K, and half marathon 2012-2013: WDW and Marine Corp. Marathons and numerous half marathons

  12. Runinboise


    Boise, ID A 50K in 2013.

  13. Ashley P.

    Ashley P.

    Chicago, IL 3 half marathons and a full marathon in 2009

  14. Kelly O.

    Kelly O.

    CT - Run a 10k in under 1 hour - Run a half marathon in under 2.25 hours - Stick with it long enough to make all of the above happen!

  15. Jenn J.

    Jenn J.

    Springfield, MO To always move forward, to always improve. To stay consistent and focused.

  16. Chantel G.

    Chantel G.

    Portland, OR Have fun, get faster, stronger and more flexible. Lose 12lbs by March, 29th 2015.

  17. Melissa K.

    Melissa K.

    Chisago City, MN Run healthy all year and have fun doing it!

  18. Sarah S.

    Sarah S.

    West Lafayette, IN Bourbon Chase 2012 and a half marathon in 2012

  19. Jordan


    Waterloo, ON Overall: to maintain a healthy lifestyle... Specific: Return to 8km runs 3x's a week, where I was at before injuring my ankle. Then, see where that takes me!

  20. Eric Q H.

    Eric Q H.

    Medford, OR To run a marathon in three hours run the Boston. Then focus on the 10k and 5k races, picking up cycling as well.