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  • 7 miles
  • 01:20 time
  • 1147 calories
  • 3 workouts
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  1. RUN
    good OrangeTheory Fitness-HIIT Wor... 2 mi 00:19 09:20 pace

    OrangeTheory Fitness-HIIT Workout
    Z1: 3
    Z2: 11
    Z3: 22
    Z4: 11
    Z5: 13
    Calories: 736
    Avg/Max HR: 124/215
    Avg/Max %: 80/140
    Splat: 24
    Floor: 4x (10/11/12/13 x Single Arm Shoulder Press, Hi/Lo TRX Press... read more

  2. Just wanted to share with community now that heat and humidity are settling in... from

  3. What a bummer. Tried registering for #ArmyTenMiler and, after the site went down just before payment, never got back in. Site is completely down now. #FAIL

  4. RUN
    good 5x1 Minute Repeats 2.54 mi 00:30 11:49 pace

    5x1 Minute Repeats
    68F 90%H
    Plan: 30 Minute Run
    Actual: Splits of 10:03, 10:18, 9:29, 9:10, 9:14 w/2 minute recovery. Felt comfortable running fast. Realized at end of run that is was hot and humid... read more

  5. RUN
    good 30 Minute Run 2.66 mi 00:31 11:38 pace

    30 Minute Run
    75F 66%H
    Plan: 30 Minute Run
    Actual: Felt off from laying around all weekend. Was able to run comfortably, focused on form. Felt sag at butt. Concentrated on keeping arms up and close... read more

  6. RUN
    good 3x12 Minute Repeats 5.01 mi 01:00 11:58 pace

    3x12 Minute Repeats
    68F 49%H
    Plan: 60 Minute Run
    Actual: Beautiful day out.. low humidity, pleasantly cool. 10 minute warm up; 3x12 @ 11:15, 11:12, 10:27 with 3 minutes recovery; cool down home.
    Fe... read more

  7. RUN
    good OrangeTheory Fitness-HIIT Wor... 2.1 mi

    OrangeTheory Fitness-HIIT Workout
    Z1: 2
    Z2: 5
    Z3: 11
    Z4: 18
    Z5: 17
    Calories: 714
    Avg/Max HR: 131/216
    Avg/Max %: 85/140
    Splat: 35
    Row: 600m warm up
    Floor: 2x (20x squat, 12x tricep extension, 14x sq... read more

  8. RUN
    tired OrangeTheory Fitness-HIIT Wor... 2 mi

    OrangeTheory Fitness-HIIT Workout
    Z1: 1
    Z2: 4
    Z3: 25
    Z4: 16
    Z5: 14
    Calories: 742
    Avg/Max HR: 129/189
    Avg/Max %: 84/123
    Splat: 30
    Floor: 3x(5x squat-to-curl-single arm press up, 10x squats), 3x (5x ... read more

  9. RUN
    good 40 Minute Run 3.2 mi 00:40 12:37 pace

    40 Minute Run
    68F 88%H
    Plan: 40 Minute Run
    Actual: Felt yesterday's long run in my knees and right side, small of my back for half. Run felt more natural and better during 2nd half. Now it... read more

  10. RUN
    good 7 Mile Run 7.04 mi 01:26 12:10 pace

    7 Mile Run
    66F 83%H
    Plan: 7 Mile Run
    Actual: Nice breeze on way back; could smell rain coming.
    Last time I ran 7 or more miles was October, 2011. Hopefully this is the start of consistent dista... read more

  11. If you ever wondered whether the shoes that were recommended to you by your local shoe store was good advice, check out this video. It provides clear and concise explanation of what is good science... read more

  12. RUN
    good OrangeTheory Fitness-HIIT Wor... 2 mi 00:18 08:50 pace

    OrangeTheory Fitness-HIIT Workout
    Z1: 6
    Z2: 17
    Z3: 13
    Z4: 8
    Z5: 15
    Calories: 729
    Avg/Max HR: 124/229
    Avg/Max %: 80/149
    Splat: 23
    Endurance Workout
    Floor: 750m row warm up, 1000m row, 3x (12x squat-... read more

  13. RUN
    good 50 Minute Run 4.29 mi 00:50 11:43 pace

    50 Minute Run
    63F 66%H
    Plan: 50 Minute Run
    Actual: Discovered what went wrong on the long run Sunday... feet were landing too far in front and then pushing off straining top of calf and hamstring. ... read more

  14. FIT
    good OrangeTheory Fitness-HIIT Wor... 01:00

    OrangeTheory Fitness-HIIT Workout
    Z1: 1
    Z2: 5
    Z3: 27
    Z4: 20
    Z5: 1
    Calories: 665
    Avg/Max HR: 124/147
    Avg/Max %: 81/95
    Splat: 21
    Floor: 750m row warm up, 3x (weighted side lunge, hamstring press, 350... read more

  15. walk
    good Walk in the Sun 1.39 mi

    Walk in the Sun
    Preceded my run this morning, it was great to walk with my wife.

  16. RUN
    alright 6-7 Mile Run 4.12 mi 00:54 13:11 pace

    6-7 Mile Run
    59F 72%H
    Plan: 6-7 Mile Run
    Actual: Great weather for a run. Started by walking with my wife and running when she split off (~1.4 miles). It's nice to be together alone on a trail... read more

    • Kim S.

      Bummer about the tweaks but it sounds like a nice time anyway! That's a nice trail.

      19 days ago Like

    • Patrick W.
      Patrick W.

      Nice walk with your wifey. Hope your leg is ok.

      19 days ago Like

  17. RUN
    good OrangeTheory Fitness-HIIT Wor... 2.3 mi 00:21 09:07 pace

    OrangeTheory Fitness-HIIT Workout
    Z1: 4
    Z2: 4
    Z3: 18
    Z4: 24
    Z5: 7
    Calories: 729
    Avg/Max HR: 126/176
    Avg/Max %: 82/114
    Splat: 31
    Endurance Workout
    Floor: 500m rowing, 3x(15x Pike w/Ab Roller, 15x ro... read more

  18. Just wanted to post the most incredible world record times according to my Garmin:
    Mile 1 2:28 mm
    Mile 2 0:58 mm
    Mile 3 0:28 mm
    Mile 4 7:16 mm

    Then the Garmin found GPS satellites. Well, I guess f... read more

  19. RUN
    good 45 Minute Run 3.44 mi 00:41 11:57 pace

    45 Minute Run
    50F 91%H Drizzle/Rain
    Plan: 45 Minute Run
    Actual: Wore waterproof jacket which acted as a sweat magnifier. Dripping wet and steaming hot on the inside.
    Kept focusing on moving hips fo... read more

  20. RUN
    good 50 Minute Easy Run 2.81 mi 00:35 12:24 pace

    50 Minute Run
    56F 74%H
    Plan: 50 Minute Run
    Actual: Walked a great deal more than I wanted to on this run. Feeling drained and blue. No idea why. Weather is great though.
    Focused on form and cadence... read more