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  • 12 miles
  • 02:03 time
  • 1553 calories
  • 2 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    mindspace 10 km 01:06 10:38 pace

    humid weather but wee bit of breeze at some places helped. ran with two stalwarts Bhasker & Jack.

  2. RUN
    mindspace 8.65 km 00:57 10:32 pace

    deadly humid, perspiration all the way, just a wee bit breeze at some portions of the route.

  3. RUN
    aarey forest 9.3 km 01:02 10:44 pace

    humid in the forest but was better than last week, have a great sunday folks

  4. RUN
    mindspace 8.21 km 00:56 10:54 pace

    slightly overcast with a hint of breeze at the start, but otherwise exceedingly humid.

  5. RUN
    mindspace 8.5 km 00:57 10:44 pace

    every day is a struggle with the high humidity these days. must have sweated a drumfull today

    • Hemant A.
      Hemant A.

      :-) ... can only smile ... but its fun too, after 3-4 kms when your t-shirt becomes wet, the breeze makes you feel cooler ... wish you keep winning these struggles Ram

      11 days ago Like

    • Azaka R.
      Azaka R.

      Great job!! Humidity is awful but you are strong!

      10 days ago Like

  6. RUN
    mindspace 8.85 km 00:59 10:46 pace

    extremely humid day Mumbai is now becoming unbearable

  7. RUN
    Aarey Forest 8 km 00:54 10:50 pace

    maddeningly humid in the forest today, lungs were bursting after the first hill crest itself, but glad to have done this. Have a great weekend folks

  8. RUN
    mindspace 8.36 km 00:55 10:39 pace

    extremely humid, dripping bucketfuls of sweat today,

  9. RUN
    mindspace 5.43 km 00:36 10:39 pace

    early morning travel so had time only for this much. humid and dry. have a great week ahead guys

  10. RUN
    mindspace 8.83 km 00:59 10:42 pace

    extremely humid and dripping bucketfuls of sweat. have a great weekend folks

  11. RUN
    mindspace 8.44 km 00:56 10:42 pace

    extremely humid and sultry weather.

  12. RUN
    mindspace 6.82 km 00:46 10:44 pace

    started late and further GPS also took its own sweet time to start, sultry weather

  13. RUN
    mela to NCPA 9.27 km 01:01 10:37 pace

    decided to do only this much today being our FSOM Bandra NCPA run, humid, hint of breeze when we entered marine drive stretch but otherwise dry weather. slight pain in left hip forced a cutback in ... read more

  14. RUN
    mindspace 8.8 km 00:58 10:31 pace

    planned to do only 5, but met with Bhasker and Dr. Pradeep so ran with them some more and then met Shyam Lata who is training for his Comrades and ran with him also some more. Ended April with 76 k... read more

  15. RUN
    mindspace 5.75 km 00:35 09:48 pace

    have an early appointment so have time only for this much. Have a great week ahead folks

  16. RUN
    mindspace 5.55 km 00:37 10:47 pace

    and i am back again after another hiatus of 13 days, good to be back running

  17. RUN
    juhu beach 1.06 km

    as part of the frisbee game today morning.

  18. RUN
    aarey forest 13 km 01:27 10:45 pace

    pleasant to run in aarey forest. Happy Gudi Padva folks

  19. RUN
    bangur nagar to goregaon west... 7.66 km 00:52 10:50 pace

    tried a different route today with dr. shriyan, bhasker & jaideep, from bangur nagar to goregaon west east flyover and back, wee bit of rains today just enough to cool down temps a bit, overcas... read more