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Develop consistent running habits, better speed/strength in hockey, 5K in spring 2011

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  1. RUN
    alright 1.5 mi 01:00

    Took it easy today, going to try running and skating tomorrow, but no pushing on either. Don't know why I'm fatiguing so fast.

  2. RUN
    tired 1 mi 00:45

    Ice time again, really tired now, drills were bad, makes me grumpy, wasn't planning on the wipeouts like that, heh heh.

  3. RUN
    alright 2 mi 01:00 30:00 pace

    Ice time again, so tired after working nights. Wondering if it'd be too much to skate and run the same day. I don't want to backslide on my running gains.

  4. FIT
    great 2 mi 01:00 30:00 pace

    Well, I count hockey as cross training, because it doesn't have its own category. Not that I'm Wayne Gretzky or anything, but it's good aerobic leg workage for sure. Distance equival... read more

  5. RUN
    great 2.4 mi 00:34 14:10 pace

    Awesome! Had to take a 4 day break r/t bilat knee pain, but ran the road today, even in freezing rain and gusty winds was better than the treadmill at the gym, which is where I had been on for the... read more

  6. RUN
    tired c25k week 2 2.2 mi 00:30 13:38 pace

    Sucky. Now I know why I work out before, not after, a busy night shift. I couldn't attain my target heart rate, had to push just to finish each running segment, and did't feel any kind of... read more

  7. FIT
    blah meh 00:20

    Fatigued to start, hard to get loose and warmed up.

  8. RUN
    great 2.3 mi 00:30 13:02 pace

    Day 1 Week 2 c25k. Not as bad as I thought, though still just a bit harder than week 1.

  9. FIT
    great 00:20

    2 cycles of 12 reps, no increase in weight from last week.

  10. RUN
    good C25K Continues 2.2 mi 00:30 13:38 pace

    Good, still using week 1 cuz I skipped days last week & cuz I'm nervous about poor performance if I advance to week 2 which might make me lose my enthusiasm and happiness that I feel now, ... read more

  11. FIT
    good Makes a nice routine 00:15:00

    Good, this is now my standard pre-run warmup.

  12. FIT
    good Circuit repeat 00:15:00

    Good, did 1 set of 20 around the gym pre-run again, and again made better distance. I may have to keep this up.

  13. RUN
    good Repeater 2.2 mi 00:30 13:38 pace

    Paced like yesterday, same results, though first running sequence of the c25k was uncomfy in the knees, ran through it and it went away.

  14. FIT
    good CIrcuit training 00:15:00

    Bad: thought I'd jump right back into last hockey season's crosstrain circuit routine of 3 sets 15 reps but had to settle for 1 set of 20. Good: ran better and farther after.

    • Noob S.
      Noob S.

      Actually did this 10/14, but apparently no backdate option when posting via mobile?

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  15. RUN
    good Progress 2.2 mi 00:30 13:38 pace

    Awesome! Picked up the pace to 3.8 walk and 6.5 run, and happy to see I made better distance, however slightly.

  16. RUN
    tired 2 mi 00:30 15:00 pace

    OK, w1d2! My legs pointedly reminded me at the start that they already cycled today, but shut up and put up going into the second running interval. Woot!

  17. VELO
    12 mi 01:00 12.0mph pace

    Great fun! Didn't push it, too tired after work, still had my w1d2 of c25k to go, and, as it turned out, too many washouts on the trail. Good practice with bike portage, though.

  18. RUN
    good 2 mi 00:30 15:00 pace

    Good, counted this as first official w1d2 of c25k since I skipped Sunday as my day of rest. First 5 min a bit nippy at 40 degrees (I ran this just after 2300). Still felt like I could go more than ... read more

  19. RUN
    good 2 mi 00:30 15:00 pace

    First c25k, nosebleed stopped me yesterday. Felt I could run more but I know I need to follow the program.

    • Noob S.
      Noob S.

      Thanks, Jenn. I'm in the October 25 Challenge, too. Motivation is the tough part, isn't it? Thanks also for "friending" me. Good luck to you also, and I look forward to hearing about how good it felt to cross that 5K finish line -- hang in there!

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    • Eileen S.
      Eileen S.

      Hi guys,
      Im in the Oct 25 challenge as well, just finished my first 5k yesterday and it felt wonderful and i'm very happy to find this site :)

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    • Jenn
      Jenn Good Luck
      Good Luck:

      I'm doing the C25k program as well, plus the 25 Miles in October Challenge. I'm hoping this site will keep me motivated to stick with it. My goal is to do a 5k this spring too! Good luck to you!

      over 8 years ago