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SheRox 7/10, Out Door Divas sprint 8/14, Rattlesnake Sprint 8/21, Venus ride 8/28, Rock'n Roll half 10/9

Wall of Motivation (152)

  1. Diana
      Nice Job

    nice running Leslie!! so hard to do the heat but you got it done! on a workout

  2. Patty
      Great Performance

    WOW!!!!! on a workout

  3. Susan L.
      Great Performance

    Nice!!! The little cheerleader at the end made it all worth it. on a workout

  4. Becky G.
      Nice Job

    I'm glad you stuck with it! I hope tomorrow is better and the funk is gone. on a workout

  5. Jason A C.
      You're an Inspiration

    ok u said it --- ive not been since september either... on a workout

  6. Ninejustin Nj
      Nice Job

    Great run and pace! Way to be consistent! on a workout

  7. Ninejustin Nj
      Good Luck

    You are going to do AWESOME! on a workout

  8. Ninejustin Nj
      You're an Inspiration


  9. Laurie A.
      You're an Inspiration

    GREAT JOB!!! Way to push yourself. I love fins!!!! And I've even done the cat... read more

  10. Tara M.
      Nice Job

    What does 2:04 pace mean? What distance is that? I was a swimmer in HS & am j... read more

  11. Susan L.
      Feel Better

    Glad to see you got out. Take care of yourself. on a workout

  12. Dawn
      Nice Job

    Wohoo! Sounds super fun:) on a workout

  13. Laurie A.
      Nice Job

    That is fantastic and I really do want to watch and volunteer for an IM one o... read more

  14. Dawn
      Nice Job

    Nice run Leslie! At least there was windows!:D on a workout

  15. Laurie A.

    Okay I just wrote you a big long response and DM deleted it and told me to tr... read more

  16. Dawn
      Nice Job

    Love your strategy! I am finding running so hard lately. It's good to keep mo... read more

  17. Laurie A.
      You're Funny

    Yuck! Was planning on doing the Titan Rd loop on Monday morning hope they are... read more

  18. Laurie A.
      You're an Inspiration

    Way to stick it out!!! on a workout

  19. Kimi K.
      Nice Job

    Wouldn't it be nice if every run was a great run? Best thing is you freaking... read more

  20. Laurie A.
      Nice Job

    NICE JOB!!!! on a workout

  21. Diane
      Nice Job

    Congrats on bumping up your pace this week and way to find the energy to harn... read more

  22. Diane
      You're Funny

    A Dead Mascot?? Yay... glad to hear the bike part had no winds! God job today! on a workout

  23. Sunny
      You're an Inspiration

    Great race Leslie - I think I always have one section that is much worse tha... read more

  24. Deb M.
      Nice Job

    Well, you know what they say about riding a bike.... ;-) Best wishes for your... read more

  25. Dawn
      Nice Job

    Nice way to beat the storm there girl!!!!!:) on a workout

  26. Joe M.
      Nice Job

    Great job on your triathlon today!

  27. Laurie A.
      Great Performance

    Great job!! on a workout

  28. Susan L.
      You're an Inspiration

    Wow! That is awesome! I think I need to take some swimming lessons from you. ... read more

  29.   Congrats

    Congratulations, Leslie! So impressed! What a great day!!! on a workout

  30. Sheila E.
      Good Luck

    Good luck with your training for the Rock n Roll this October!!!

  31. Diane
      Nice Job

    Good Job in tracking the time/distances... congrats on finding the joy while ... read more

  32. Beth D.
      You're an Inspiration

    Leslie- running helps soothe soul! on a workout

  33. Linda S.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  34. Deb M.
      Nice Job

    Hey, you look good to me! on a workout

  35. Deb M.
      Nice Job

    Wow, Leslie, you are doing REALLY well!! on a workout

  36. Deb M.
      You're an Inspiration

    You are doing SO great!!!!! on a workout

  37. Justine W.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming! You're an inspiration, Leslie. I ... read more

  38. Linda S.
      You're Funny

    Your funny! And, you will get better! on a workout

  39. Deb M.
      You're an Inspiration

    I know it's hard to not compare to previous performance, but seriously, take ... read more

  40. Deb M.
      Nice Job

    Wow, great swim workout!!! on a workout

  41. Christytris
      You're an Inspiration

    Great job! I feel your pain. I hurt myself last summer & had surgery in Septe... read more

  42. Diane
      Nice Job

    Good work out today! 550 cont swim is a great reminder of summer triathlons! on a workout

  43. Susan L.
      Nice Job

    Nice workout. Keep it up. The tri season is just around the corner. on a workout

  44. Diane
      Nice Job

    Great to be out enjoying the sunshine today in Colorado!! on a workout

  45. Monica
      Post a workout!

    Hope you are ok Leslie, miss your posts.

  46. Deb M.
      Nice Job

    Wow, what a great run!! You go, Leslie! :-) on a workout

  47. Susan S.
      Great Performance

    Man you killed it today!! I actaully kind of liked it there also, much sunnie... read more

  48. Linda S.
      You're an Inspiration

    Wow! I need to work on my Ironman bike miles too. Great Job! on a workout

  49. Linda S.
      Nice Job

    But 6.27 miles! Great!! on a workout

  50. Deb M.
      Nice Job

    Sounds like a great class! on a workout