Wall of Motivation (45)

  1. Dustin V.
      Nice Job

    Nice job, Craig. Reading your posts keeps reminding me I need to get back to ... read more

  2. Dustin V.
      Nice Job

    That sucks!! Good job getting in the miles before a loonnggg day! on a workout

  3. Jeff K.
      Nice Job

    sounds like fun - good ride! on a workout

  4. Brenda B.

    Great job Craig on a workout

  5. Hege S.
      Nice Job

    Nice run! on a workout

  6. Erik A.
      Nice Job

    Good for you Craig! A good build up will do it!!! on a workout

  7. Steve R.
      Nice Job

    Way to get back at it! on a workout

  8. Alesa W.
      Post a workout!

    I'm going to resort to stalking you on FB lol!!

  9.   You Rock

    Way to go Craig! Nice mileage today. on a workout

  10. Steve R.
      Nice Job

    Nice 5K - Hope your weather up there is cooperating. on a workout

  11. Alesa W.
      Nice Job

    There you are Craig! Nice to see you back! on a workout

  12. Alesa W.
      Nice Job

    Hey Craig good way to start the day! on a workout

  13. Alesa W.
      Nice Job

    Heat seems to be the trend - its always such a challenge to get over. Great ... read more

  14. Dustin V.
      Nice Job

    Nice run Craig. You're a better man than I for getting out in that hellacious... read more

  15. Dustin V.
      Great Performance

    Nice run Craig. The beer was the perfect reward today! Nice job nailing that ... read more

  16. K S.
      Great Performance

    Running in the snow is so hard, but it's a great workout. Way to go! :) on a workout

  17. Augie S.
      Nice Job

    Nice to see you back in action. on a workout

  18. Steve R.
      Nice Job

    Great to see you back running - Don't over do it! Looking at your previous lo... read more

  19. Dustin V.
      Nice Job

    Wow, wind, rain and speed work. That's dedication!! Excellent job. on a workout

  20. Augie S.
      Nice Job

    Well see, you turned a negative into a positive. Well done. on a workout

  21. Dustin V.
      Great Performance

    Awesome job. 2nd race and you beat your time goal. Things are just going to k... read more

  22. Mary M.
      You're an Inspiration

    Excellent! I wish you all the best on Saturday!!! on a workout

  23. Augie S.
      Good Luck

    Keep on training nice and easy and you'll get there. Add some interval traini... read more

  24. Augie S.
      Nice Job

    Well done. on a workout

  25. Augie S.
      Nice Job

    Great miles on a great afternoon. on a workout

  26. Alesa W.
      Nice Job

    VERY COOL nice pic! on a workout

  27.   Congrats

    Congrats on a great race and kicking a bad habit! Great job!! on a workout

  28. Alesa W.
      Feel Better

    Hope you are getting some energy back! on a workout

  29. Alesa W.
      Get Better

    ah poor you Craig but that's the way to get the body back just ease into it -... read more

  30. Renae K.
      Nice Job

    Nice JOb! on a workout

  31. Augie S.
      Nice Job

    Something is better than nothing, no matter the pace. Well done. on a workout

  32. Alesa W.
      Great Performance

    Well done Craig looks like you are getting a in a good week! on a workout

  33. Mary M.
      Nice Job

    You are inspiring me to get back at it! on a workout

  34. David T.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  35. Dustin V.

    Congrats on your long run. Some days are like that. The miles just seem to go... read more

  36. Augie S.
      Great Performance

    Excellent job!!!! Feels great when you get that second wind. on a workout

  37. Augie S.
      Feel Better

    You got that right!!! Take the miles and make sure not to get injured. on a workout

  38.   Nice Job

    Great job!! Keep up the good work! on a workout

  39. Rebecca W.
      Nice Job

    Awesome!! on a workout

  40. Renae K.
      Great Performance

    Nice run! on a workout

  41. Renae K.
      Nice Job

    11:00 pm at night? Good for you!!! on a workout

  42. Renae K.
      Nice Job

    Nice run! on a workout

  43. Augie S.
      Nice Job

    Great run. Keep'em coming and you'll hit the 6 mile soon! on a workout

  44. Augie S.
      Nice Job

    Nicely done! Keep it coming! on a workout

  45. Augie S.
      Great Performance

    Great job with a great pace! on a workout