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Half Marathon, February 26, 2012 - Walt Disney World - COMPLETED!!!

Wall of Motivation (19)

  1. Heather R.
      Nice Job

    Woo! Very nice! on a workout

  2. Heather R.
      Nice Job

    Yeah! Wooooo! on a workout

  3. Yespecan

    Great job at finishing the race!! :) Yes, do share the pix. on a workout

  4. Tammy S.

    Way to go! I love Disney.races....great job now go visit the parks w/your me... read more

  5. Heather R.
      Nice Job

    I love all things compression. It's amazing how good it feels! on a workout

  6. Yespecan
      Nice Job

    One of the HMs I'd love to run in the future! :) Have fun and good luck!! :D on a workout

  7. Yespecan
      You're an Inspiration

    Awesome!! :) on a workout

  8. Heather R.
      Nice Job

    It's tricky when your routine gets messed up. But you got out there and did it! on a workout

  9. Kari E.
      Post a workout!

    Hey Shannon - hope all is going well!

  10. Vk

    Woohoo!!! Love PR's. Great job! on a workout

  11. Carol H.
      Nice Job

    Yay! on a workout

  12. Karen G.
      Great Performance

    Fantastic! It always feels great to PR - congrats on a workout

  13. Christine O.
      Nice Job

    That is great!! on a workout

  14. Tammy S.
      Great Performance

    Happy day indeed! Nice job! on a workout

  15. Heather R.
      Great Performance

    Everyone is beating their old times today it seems :) on a workout

  16. Cathy K.
      Feel Better

    Hope it all works out for you. on a workout

  17. Kari E.
      Get Better

    I know that is so frustrating Shannon. Wishing for a speedy resolution for y... read more

  18. Carol H.
      Nice Job

    Good for you Shannon! I knoiw it's not running, but you can use it to keep up... read more

  19. Carol H.
      Feel Better

    good luck with the shin pain. sounds like it could be shin splints which can ... read more