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Half Marathon, February 26, 2012 - Walt Disney World - COMPLETED!!!

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Shannon logged 228 miles.

Last workout almost 6 years ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. RUN
    great Treadmill 1.64 mi 00:29 17:40 pace

    So a good walk with 595ft elevation. Good calories burnt with that walk.

  2. RUN
    great Treasmill 1.88 mi 00:29 15:25 pace

    went well

    • Carol H.
      Carol H.

      good to see you back Shannon! way to get it started!

      almost 6 years ago Like

    • Kari E.
      Kari E.

      Glad it went well!

      almost 6 years ago Like

    • Shannon D.
      Shannon D.

      Just getting back at it. I did insanity and put running on the back burner. Now to start it back up again.

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  3. RUN
    Treadmill 2.42 mi 00:36 14:52 pace

    First run since my quarter marathon. I was a little tight but overall not to bad. Good to get back out there and run some.

  4. Shared Photo

    my swag from yesterday's quarter marathon. The medals are pretty sweet!

  5. RUN
    Cap City Quarter Marathon 6.65 mi 01:34 14:07 pace

    Not bad for not training that much for this run. It felt good to get out there and compete with myself

  6. So I am thinking about starting Insanity. Has anyone every done it and if so what do you think? #insanity

    • Heather R.
      Heather R.

      I haven't ever tried it. But with a name like Insanity, it sounds scary...

      over 6 years ago Like

    • Yespecan

      I was also thinking about trying it, but after watching the promo vid for Jillian Michaels Body Revolution, I think I'm going to get that instead. It's 30 mins x6 days a week over 90 days, which is much more do'able... Can't remember how long the Insanity workouts are. 45-90 mins each? Keep us posted if u decide to give Insanity a try! Would love to hear your progress :)

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  7. RUN
    Treadmill 1.5 mi 00:18 12:00 pace

    I ran a full 1.5 miles without walking any. Slowed my speed down and just kept going. First time that far. Pretty happy with myself. Plus a half mile warm up and cool down. :).

  8. RUN
    good 2 mi 00:28 13:54 pace

    First run in a couple of weeks. Need to get ready for my quarter marathon at the beginning of May....

  9. RUN
    great Split run - just slow runner 2.25 mi 00:31 13:40 pace

    So I decided to see just how fast a runner I actually am (with hills) and I am just a slow runner that is all I can say. So I did a 2 minute warm up the 2 1 mile splits of 12:42 and 13:58 and fini... read more

    • Heather R.
      Heather R.

      Slow and steady! That's how I do it. And I get the same finisher medal as all the faster folks :)

      almost 7 years ago Like2 people

    • Kim A.
      Kim A.

      It doesn't matter how fast you are- at least you are out there getting it done. Good job!

      almost 7 years ago Like

    • Kari E.
      Kari E.

      Okay, you are NOT slow! And if you are enjoying running it doesn't matter anyway. And if you are doing hills that impacts your pace a lot! And your pace now (fast or slow) does not mean that's where you'll always be. (My pace has increased significantly over the last 1 1/2 yrs). You did a great job!

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    • Shannon D.
      Shannon D.

      Thanks for the encouraging words all. Sometimes I just feel so slow when I am out there.

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  10. RUN
    Hill interval training today.... 2.07 mi 00:30 14:29 pace

    Went between 5% and 10% incline speed walk. Good workout. Then I did some core and upper body workout. Now to get ready to watch the buckeyes win tonight and advance to the final game. Go Bucks!!!

  11. RUN
    great Leasure walk turned interesting 2.05 mi 00:36 17:24 pace

    Well a nice leasure walk with my husband turned interesting as the tornado sirens went off when I was the farthest from my house. My husband stopped after one mile and I decided to do at least one... read more

    • Kari E.
      Kari E.

      Wow - that's a pretty darn good pace - I guess tornado sirens were pretty motivating! Glad you're safe!

      almost 7 years ago Like

    • Laura T.
      Laura T.

      Wow, that is scary! Glad you made it home!

      almost 7 years ago Like

    • Kate P.
      Kate P.

      Nothing gets you moving like a tornado behind you :)

      almost 7 years ago Like

  12. RUN
    great Outside - nice weather 2.34 mi 00:34 14:24 pace

    Well I finally got my butt outside to run this evening. Tired of putting it off for another day. It was a slow run but a nice day so all in all a good run....

  13. So I just signed up for a quarter marathon on May 5th. This will have to get me motivated to run again..... :)

  14. Ok guys and gals I need help. I have been doing my core workouts daily but I cannot seem to get up to running more than once a week for about 30 minutes. What do I need to do to get the motivation ... read more

    • Gwyn

      A race'll do it. It doesn't have to be a big one or anything, anything will work. I do that all the time. Something to train for, something to even follow a training program with. Even if it's a 10k or whatever. It helps.

      almost 7 years ago Like

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    • Vk

      I found that if I don't have a race scheduled, I tend to procrastinate running. I've done a race each month the last 4 months (5 miles, 5K, HM, and 6 miles). Distance doesn't matter. I have another scheduled in May and one in Sept.

      almost 7 years ago Like

    • Kate P.
      Kate P.

      The race a month sounds like a good idea!

      almost 7 years ago Like

  15. FIT
    good Core workout

    Day 19: 50 situps for 50 days - completed
    Day 7: 20pushups for 20 days - completed
    Push up were a lot harder last night. Still did them on my toes not knees but had to struggle through the last 7.

  16. FIT
    Core workout

    Day 18: 50 situps for 50 days - completed
    Day 6: 20pushups for 20 days - completed
    First night that I did my pushups on my toes not my knees

  17. FIT
    Core workout

    Day 17: 50 situps for 50 days - completed
    Day 5: 20 pushups for 20 days - completed

  18. FIT
    Day 16: 50 situps for 50 days

    Day 4: 20 pushups for 20 days - complete

  19. FIT
    Day 15: 50 situps for 50 days

    Day 3: 20 push ups for 20 days

  20. RUN
    alright Hot and Humid 2.09 mi 00:30 14:25 pace

    Wow I do know 2 things. 1. I should have waited to run until is cooled off outside some, it is amazing how humid it is for the middle of March and 2. I need a new pair of running shoes. I can t... read more

    • Kari E.
      Kari E.

      Can you believe humidity in March?! Good job getting it done!

      almost 7 years ago Like