19667 total / 1186 in 2018

Nurture body/soul through holistic health & fitness, whole-food vegan diet, daily yoga, and mindful living. Run for the joy of running. Marathon #13. Ultra #3.

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  • 18 miles
  • 10:29 time
  • 2403 calories
  • 10 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. walk
    good Neighborhood Loop 3.07 mi 00:51 16:33 pace

    5K loop around the neigborhood

  2. FIT
    great Vinyasa 01:05

    Started the morning with my own flow practice. Warmup, sun salutations, flow through warrior variations to triangle and extended side angle, seated and reclining bends and twists, savasana.

  3. FIT
    great Yoga Flow 01:05

    Enjoyed Katrina's 10:15 flow class, lots of hip, hamstring, shoulder openers.

  4. RUN
    good Five, Out and Back 5.01 mi 01:24 16:44 pace

    Longish walk, out and back route.

  5. walk
    good Neighborhood Loop 3.1 mi 00:51 16:19 pace

    Walked a 5K neighborhood loop. Still so hot, some years we start to get an occasional milder day in late September, no sign of any relief yet.

  6. FIT
    great Sammelana Dharma and Shri 01:00

    "Sammelana Dharma and Shri," with Ashleigh Sergeant. Lots of deep hip openers and forward bends.. Theme of the practice refers to working within the confines of our limitations, while si... read more

  7. FIT
    great Recuperative Yoga 01:05

    Tammi subbed for Celeste's Recuperative Yoga and gave a really good class. Always nice when a sub lives up to the standard of the regular!

  8. walk
    good Banana Walk 3.04 mi 00:51 16:49 pace

    To the grocery and back to pick up bananas.

  9. walk
    good 4.04 mi 01:05 15:59 pace

    Brisk walk, out and back route, warm humid morning. Knee was a little achy Saturday, rested it yesterday, feels OK today. PF had improved a lot but flared up a bit when I started walking more last... read more

  10. FIT
    great Bring On The Day Vinyasa 01:13

    "Bring On The Day Vinyasa," with Cameron Gilley, a fairly challenging power-style flow.

  11. FIT
    good Upper Body/Core 00:45

    2 sets of 15 reps each:
    Standing Overhead Dumbbell Press
    Hammer Curls
    Dumbbell Bench Press
    Flat Dumbbell Fly
    Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extension
    Seated Overhead Dumbbell Extension
    Dumbbell Incl... read more

  12. FIT
    great Yin Yoga 01:00

    Yin Yoga, 5 minute holds in each posture.

  13. RUN
    good 4 Mile Loop 4.01 mi 01:06 16:28 pace

    Morning walk, a loop through and beyond the immediate neigbhorhood.

    • Francis

      Nicely done Vern. Get better soon.

      7 days ago Like1 person

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    • Helene W.
      Helene W.

      No running yet?

      6 days ago Like1 person

    • Vern M.
      Vern M.

      Not yet, Helene. Knee doesn't quite feel 100% yet, and still have a little lingering PF. After 4 plus weeks of leg rest, starting with walk miles at first, will move to run/walk mix when it feels right. Plus the weather is still unpleasant for running, would hate to rush it and have a setback that won't let me do what I want when the first cooler days come!

      6 days ago Like

  14. FIT
    great Prayer to Heal 01:00

    Started the morning with "Prayer to Heal," the Intermediate 4 practice from Seane Corn's Mystic Flow DVD.

  15. walk
    good Neighborhood Walk 2.03 mi 00:33 16:26 pace

    Continuing to test the knee with another neighborhood walk, a little shorter than yesterday, knee still feels OK. Treating this like I'm starting over from scratch, because that's what i... read more

  16. FIT
    great Yoga Flow 01:05

    Started the morning with a nice self-guided practice.

  17. walk
    good Neighborhood Walk 4.01 mi 01:07 16:47 pace

    Walked 2 x 2-mile neighborhood loops, knee felt OK.

  18. FIT
    great Vinyasa Flow 01:05

    Tammi subbed at Katrina's 10:15 flow class. I'd never had a class with her before, it was more challenging than Katrina's flow usually is. Both good in their own way!

  19. walk
    good Neighborhood Walk 3.1 mi 00:52 16:39 pace

    Walked a 5K neigborhood loop to test the knee a bit. Fought the urge try some walk/run intervals, took the cautious route of making sure I can walk for close to an hour without much discomfort bef... read more

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      A good cautious approach! Hopefully it still feels fine later!

      10 days ago Like1 person

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    • Kim B.
      Kim B.

      It sounds like youโ€™re coming along. A run-walk is always my strategy when coming off injury, and it hasnโ€™t failed me yet. But I donโ€™t need to tell you that. Youโ€™ve been smart about this all along

      9 days ago Like1 person

    • Helene W.
      Helene W.

      Do you foam-roll the lateral muscles along the lower leg? And the ITB? (Suggesting, as my knee misery usually comes from those two culprits.)

      8 days ago Like

  20. FIT
    great Prayer to Heal 01:04

    Did the Intermediate Flow 3 practice, "Prayer to Heal," from Seane Corn's Mystic Flow DVD.