Wall of Motivation (64)

  1. Allen S.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  2. William A.
      Nice Job

    Copy that... on a workout

  3. Christian M.
      Nice Job

    Nice ride Randy! on a workout

  4. George S.
      Nice Job

    Nice long ride! on a workout

  5. George S.
      Great Performance

    Awesome miles Randy! on a workout

  6. 26x25
      Nice Job

    Oh Yeah - nice family day outing. Well done on the 200 too. But Hornytown? ... read more

  7. George S.
      Great Performance

    Tremendous miles Randy! on a workout

  8. George S.
      Nice Job

    Way to take on the rain and wind! That dry sunny stuff is for kids! on a workout

  9. Chad H.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming! I did not realize you're over 17... read more

  10. 26x25
      Great Performance

    Great ride Randy. Good pace and miles. You earned your 400 for the month!! ... read more

  11. William A.
      You're an Inspiration

    I like seeing the commute miles. Will be starting that today myself. Just s... read more

  12. 26x25
      You're an Inspiration

    Great commuting in that horrid weather. on a workout

  13. 26x25
      Nice Job

    Great and speedy 10 miler Randy!! on a workout

  14. 26x25
      Nice Job

    Ha ha - I know that can't help myself feeling!! Good 10 miler :-) on a workout

  15. 26x25
      Nice Job

    Nice to get it dry on a workout

  16. 26x25
      Nice Job

    Good one Randy. Let those hills get ear damage!! on a workout

  17. 26x25
      Nice Job

    Good commute. Good gloves and kit makes it all OK!! on a workout

  18. 26x25
      Nice Job

    Lovely when the wild life is about! on a workout

  19. 26x25
      Nice Job

    Good commuting Randy on a workout

  20. 26x25
      Nice Job

    Good riding in tough conditions. Change down that gear, relax and pedal in a... read more

  21. 26x25
      Nice Job

    Yep - that's a bit chilly. Bird/Bat is a bit odd - no injuries tho' :-) Nic... read more

  22. Scott C.
      Nice Job

    I feel you, didn't want to get up today either! You get a "nice job" for stil... read more

  23. Scott C.
      Great Performance

    Nice avg Randy! on a workout

  24. Scott C.
      You're an Inspiration

    Yes you are an inspiration, but after this ride I think you may be a little c... read more

  25. Scott C.
      Great Performance

    Very Cool ride Randy, sounds like a fun way to do a Century, tell your son I ... read more

  26. Scott C.
      Good Luck

    Good luck on your Century tomorrow! I will be watching for your write up to s... read more

  27. Scott C.
      Nice Job

    These are the nights when we make the biggest gains, the nights we ride when ... read more

  28. Scott C.
      Great Performance

    WOW 700 miles very impressive! Great month Randy! on a workout

  29. Jim M.
      You're an Inspiration

    That is great! I'm rooting for you and hope it continues for a while yet. O... read more

  30. Bill P.
      You're an Inspiration

    GREAT job!!! on a workout

  31. Scott C.

    Great goal and great job meeting it! on a workout

  32. Bill P.
      Great Performance

    Nice miles ... Be careful if you head out this afternoon ... on a workout

  33. Bill P.
      Nice Job

    Way to go on the commuting ... Hope it's nothing serious with the throat. It ... read more

  34. Bill P.
      You're an Inspiration

    GREAT miles today!!! on a workout

  35. Scott C.
      Nice Job

    Great ride under those conditions! on a workout

  36.   Nice Job

    Wow! Sounds like some tough riding in the wind Randy... Nice! on a workout

  37. Bill P.
      Nice Job

    Good job on the ride! It was a beautiful afternoon. on a workout

  38. Bill P.
      Nice Job

    Good morning! Glad your back on the bike. on a workout

  39. Bill P.
      You're an Inspiration

    Good job Randy! Glad to see you are doing better. on a workout

  40. Bill P.
      Nice Job

    GREAT to hear!!! I have been thinking about you & rides. Glad to see you are ... read more

  41.   Feel Better

    Take care of that butt!! on a workout

  42.   Hi-five

    Some excellent commuting miles Randy... nice!! on a workout

  43. Bill P.
      Nice Job

    Great miles! on a workout

  44.   Hi-five

    Awesome commute... Way to best that rain and stay dry :) on a workout

  45.   Hi-five

    Pics or the horse riding hottie didn't happen!!!! on a workout

  46. Bill P.
      You're an Inspiration

    But you rode! And I have been on the lame this week. My hat goes off to you. on a workout

  47. Bill P.
      You're an Inspiration

    Great job! Hope your Tuesday is better. Still got in 40 with all those flats?... read more

  48.   Hi-five

    Hot temps and a headache... And you still pushed through... Nice work Randy! on a workout

  49. Alex R.
      You're an Inspiration

    Dedicated commuter! Impressive stuff dude on a workout

  50. Neil E.
      Great Performance

    Holey Dooley, Randy you're riding in cold weather. Around 90F here today for ... read more