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To not get a stress fracture, to break 18:00 in a 5k, and to break 3:00 in a marathon.

Friends (29)

  • Katie O.

    Katie O.

    Chelmsford, MA, Working off that baby weight after having my daughter in July. Looking to hopefully run a marathon again at some point!

  • Patrick


    Green Bay, WI, Have more fun running and riding. Complete 30 week training plan for full, Run a half in 2017. Signed up for spartan.

  • Erin


    Arlington, MA, Someday beat old Pr's, 3:06:19 marathon, 1:30:02, Half, and 19:36 5k. Be a running Mama of two!

  • Audrey Z.

    Audrey Z.

    Boston, MA, Baystate Marathon 2017 (goal sub 3:15). Sub 20 5K on the roads. Survive Mt. Washington Road Race (DONE!). Hike the NH 48 (15/48) Run hard, and always have fun.

  • J-Lo


    Lowell, MA, Training for an 50 mile ultra marathon at the end of May 2017

  • Angie M.

    Angie M.

    Overland Park, KS, Long term goal: 3:10 marathon ST goals: 3:19 marathon, Sub 20 min 5K

  • Urvi


    Cambridge, MA, Fitness and fun!

  • Devin J.

    Devin J.

    Beverly, MA, BQ at VCM on May 28th. Sub 2:40 marathon before I get too old!

  • Jess M.

    Jess M.

    Somerville, MA, Give and get training advice and share the passion of running and yoga!

  • Melissa M.

    Melissa M.

    Overland Park, KS, Sub 20 min 5k... and my sister seems to think I will run a sub 18 min 5k again with 2 years of training so let's just make that a very far away goal. *VERY FAR

  • Stevin W.

    Stevin W.

    Saginaw, MI, To improve my health and fitness.

  • Lino M.

    Lino M.

    Wakefield, MA, Short term goals: Race more this summer, Sub 17:30 in the 5K. Fall Marathon "A" goal, sub 2:55.

  • Rob M.

    Rob M.

    Lowell, MA, Lose 92 lbs and run a marathon...

  • Alex T.

    Alex T.

    Boston, MA,

  • Tim M.

    Tim M.

    Arlington, MA, Sub 3 hours at Boston

  • Brendan K.

    Brendan K.

    Boston, MA, Run healthy, run smart, have fun. Get back into shape for Boston 2013.

  • Michael


    Boston, MA, 5k under 20 minutes 13.1mi @ 7:45 pace 51.5k under 2:30 70.3mi in 5:20 26.2mi in 3:40

  • Mandi


    AZ, BQ one day. Run an Ultra (50 miler). Do a half Ironman.

  • Kyle Linn F.

    Kyle Linn F.

    Boston, MA, 2016 Olympic Trials

  • Craig S.

    Craig S.

    North Andover, MA, Place in the top ten in either ETFA or Root66 race series. Hit 20mph average in my personal TT Loop.

  • Raul R.

    Raul R.

    Burlington, MA, Fitness and health

  • John S.

    John S.

    Somerville, MA, Hoping to gain my hunger for running again.

  • Brian C.

    Brian C.

    Somerville, MA,

  • Andy M.

    Andy M.

    Boston, MA, Get to start line of Boston 2012 without limping there. Long term - break 3:30 ...sometime!

  • R D.

    R D.

    Boston, MA, Keep running.