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great KB Ballistics Day 01:00

Today's Weather Icon: A KB raised above the head, dripping like a sponge.

Yesterday was the hottest day in Atlanta's recorded history, 106. As a a kid in California, I remember being outside on days that hot, but that was before the energy crises and we could run inside to AC set at 68. And we've had plenty of 100 summers in GA, but this is hot. I know Athens got to at least 105 yesterday and it due for that today. The humidity is bad. I bet the outdoor pool is a sauna, but I hope to get a swim in later as part of my none running prep for The Peachtree on the 4th.

I mentioned the other day that I started a program designed by Pavel for building strength on the Press. It involves little pressing as it uses the Closed Grip Bench Press rather than shoulder presses to build strength. It's low rep and low effort (compared to my normal routines) so it seems like a good program as I put more effort into running. Today was KB Ballistics day. The presses were easy: 5 x 20lb each arm, 3x 35lb each arm, 3 x 44lb each arm. In addition I did halos, around the body, goblet squats, stick humpers, hindu pushups, swing+high pull+snatch+windmill+front squat, figure eight to hold, suitcase deadlifts, l-sits, and a farmer's walk.

I'm working on my one-legged deadlift but it will be awhile before I do any weighted ones. Right now I'm doing the suitcase deadlift to build the core stability needed for the one-legged and corrective exercises to develop the posture and motion for them. For the corrective exercise, I hold a broom handle against my back and try to maintain three points of contact as I hinge on two and then one leg. The three points are the back of the head, t-spine, and butt. One-legged deadlifts are a good way to correct asymmetries and build stronger, better runners.

  • Sarah G.
    Sarah G.

    Humping good workout and account of it! 106 and humid sounds miserable. Not sure why I thought Peach Tree was today. Enjoy the swim/bath if you take it. May do the same here later.

    almost 2 years ago Like

  • Erin

    Interesting combo of stuff there--I bet it was especially challenging in this oppressive heat. Good luck with your swim in the hot tub later!

    almost 2 years ago Like

  • Chris B.
    Chris B.

    Awesome hot hot hot workout Mike superb day routine...........Mt Mitchell was 90 degrees F & Grandfathers Mtn was 84 F never in it history that hot the highest place in the south, WOW.Here were I ran today is just blow 6000ft at 5946 Ft. Asheville NC was 100 degrees F near Warren Wilson University!!

    almost 2 years ago Like1 person

  • Mark W.

    Always getting it some the right way. Great work Mike. Curious to learn more about this Pavel program. Any links?

    almost 2 years ago Like1 person

  • Steve Shep
    Steve Shep

    I like the Title...as well as your musings, as usual. My 12YO daughter has been in Hotlanta since Wed on a youth service trip, and they're making big efforts to hydrate those 30+ kids, for sure! Sweet workout in the heat Mike. Enjoy the hot tub swim. Doing same shortly.

    almost 2 years ago Like

  • Mike

    @Mark: http://www.dragondoor.com/bench_to_military_press_more/?elq=513567c61b7c4c61becad6a848708cb0&elqCampaignId=118

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  • Tim H.
    Tim H.

    That's great stuff, Mike. Hope Peachtree goes well!

    almost 2 years ago Like

  • Mike D.
    Mike D.

    Great range of stuff. Love the single leg DLs.

    almost 2 years ago Like1 person

  • Jocelyn

    Delicious variety of stuff you have going on. The single leg deadlifts sound awesome.

    almost 2 years ago Like

  • Greg S.
    Greg S.

    Mindful work as always Mike, stay mindful of the heat. Hottest day on record is no fooling around.

    almost 2 years ago Like