Wall of Motivation (335)

  1. Dickson P.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  2.   You're an Inspiration

    Good for you Jackie, Knowing you, and from what I've seen you accomplish on d... read more

  3.   You Rock

    Bravo Jackie! You are rockin it! on a workout

  4.   Great Performance

    Whoa, nearly twice the recommended 10,000 steps! on a workout

  5.   Nice Job

    Nice one! You're on my "board" again for most weekly mileage! on a workout

  6.   You're Funny

    haha high of zero. on a workout

  7. John F.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  8. John F.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  9. Jessica P.
      Nice Job

    You can do it! on a workout

  10. Elodie K.
      Nice Job

    Whoa, Jackie! A long one to start the week! on a workout

  11. Jo-Anna L.
      Get Better

    Hope you are feeling great soon! Back injuries are so debilitating! on a workout

  12. Mark R.
      Nice Job

    Have fun with the gang on a workout

  13.   Nice Job

    WTG, Jackie!! Have a super week, too. on a workout

  14. Jo-Anna L.
      You're an Inspiration

    nice miles Jackie! I see you signed up for a marathon! AWESOME!! I am impr... read more

  15.   Hi-five

    well done...that's a long way on the "ratwheel" :) on a workout

  16.   You're an Inspiration

    Glad you got to play in that sunshine today, Jackie! on a workout

  17. Mark R.
      Nice Job

    Nice spinning on a workout

  18. Mark R.
      Nice Job

    I know what you mean, my wife puts the Kindle up there on a workout

  19. Mark R.
      Nice Job

    Sounds like a great weekend on a workout

  20.   Nice Job

    YOu've got great consistency going with your mileage and outings! on a workout

  21.   Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  22. Mark R.
      Nice Job

    I love going out in the cooler weather on a workout

  23.   Nice Job

    Nice 4 miles, Jackie! WTG! on a workout

  24. Mark R.
      Nice Job

    Sounds like an excellent day on a workout

  25. Alain C.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training! What's happening with the Korovec?

  26. Alain C.
      Nice Job

    Did you just do 10 miles? Great work-out Jackie. Hope everything is well with... read more

  27.   Congrats

    Congratulations to Kristin!-did she finish? Of course she did. Look at you gu... read more

  28. Kurt G.
      Great Performance

    Nice riding Jackie! on a workout

  29. George E.
      Nice Job

    nice way to start your day! on a workout

  30.   Nice Job

    what fun and how handy to learn all those skills! on a workout

  31. Mike C.
      Nice Job

    I sure wish I could be out there. Glad you enjoyed it! on a workout

  32.   Nice Job

    Terrific job today, Jackie! on a workout

  33. Mark R.
      Nice Job

    Our temp's are more normal today too on a workout

  34.   Nice Job

    Terrific long run (4 miles *is* when you're ramping things up again). Glad yo... read more

  35. Fred B.

    Nice run...crazy weather. on a workout

  36.   You're an Inspiration

    You are an amazing lady, such a beautiful daughter. I know that your mother f... read more

  37. Kristen H.
      Nice Job

    Good job on the TM! on a workout

  38.   Nice Job

    I seem to remember Karen B. from eons ago-is she one of the early stars on Da... read more

  39. Amanda F.
      Get Better

    Sounds like we're in the same boat, although I'm on the tail end. I think thi... read more

  40. John P.
      Get Better

    Hope you knock it out soon Jackie! on a workout

  41. Matthew P.
      Get Better

    Hope you feel better soon! Sleep will cure it. on a workout

  42. Jo-Anna L.
      Get Better

    those bugs will find you no matter where you hide!! Feel better soon! on a workout

  43. Steve T.
      Feel Better

    Dang it. Maybe you overdo it leading up to the holidays? on a workout

  44. Pamela Drop It M.
      Nice Job

    You did it, right? Dont matter where you DRoP IT, just DRoP IT! on a workout

  45.   You're an Inspiration

    Whenever I check in w/you, Jackie, you're always doing fun things or approach... read more

  46. Mike C.
      Nice Job

    It was a good day for running. I went in the evening (just before the storm) ... read more

  47. Squarie
      You're an Inspiration

    I'll bike, you can run :) thanks!

  48. Glenda T.
      You're an Inspiration

    Great Job Jackie on a workout

  49. Pamela Drop It M.
      Nice Job

    ZAPPeD IT! on a workout

  50. Mark R.
      Nice Job

    Excellent Jackie on a workout