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Get these legs healed up, get back to running, and then think once again about triathlons...

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  1. RUN
    good still chill 1.7 km 00:11:00 10:24 pace

    It had been forecast to be warmer today but in fact was even colder. I went later so it had warmed to -16C with "real feel" of -22C. Sun shone, air glittered with crystals, everything was... read more

  2. FIT
    good planks, sit-ups 00:08:00

    Same old plank and situps streak... I worked late and didn't have supper til 9:30 so it was a very late night.

  3. RUN
    good middling run 5.1 km 00:30 09:28 pace

    Easy jog around the medium loop. It was only supposed to go down to -12C so I wore the same stuff as on Monday, and was way too cold. It was actually -17C plus wind chill. My thumbs froze in my mit... read more

    • Shelly A.
      Shelly A.

      Brrrr! Hope you warm up quickly! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

      2 days ago Like1 person

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    • Barb G.
      Barb G.

      for years and finally just gave up last year and started wearing these on the -20C and below days.

      about 20 hours ago Like1 person

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      Thanks, Barb! I had something similar but got sweaty hands which led to eczema, so I just wear knitted wool mittens now. If it gets really cold I sometimes wear some cotton gloves underneath them and wrist warmers.

      about 20 hours ago Like

  4. FIT
    good planks and pushups 00:11:00

    The usual planks and sit ups with push ups added to the end. One foot is working well, the other still sore but functioning.

  5. RUN
    good oh the snow! 1.7 km 00:11:00 10:24 pace

    Too bad I did my medium run yesterday, so I could only do my runstreak "mile" today! We got some decent snow today, about 8-15 cm ( it varied a lot) of dry powder, so after digging my dri... read more

  6. FIT
    good planks... situps.... 00:07:00

    Cut it a trifle short but I did the planks and situps. Feet are still very sore from those shoes and the knee was a bit iffy so I could not tolerate this that well but got it done.

  7. RUN
    good Chilly Loop 5.6 km 00:33 09:29 pace

    I was overdressed I thought. But when I got home and checked the temperature, I guess I wasn't. -11C, overcast, light winds, snowing a trifle. I saw that new old guy running past, who waved ba... read more

  8. FIT
    good Planks and Situps 00:08:00

    The full plank streak workout. It was once again ridiculously late and once again there was a nap involved. I was feeling the relative coolness here quite acutely earlier in the day but seem to be ... read more

  9. RUN
    good Therapy In The Field 2.4 km 00:15:00 10:03 pace

    I'm still doing cleanup at my old place, as I was rudely interrupted by this darned family event in the DR, and so I was able to get enough gear together to run the small sports field. Knees a... read more

    • Carlos C.
      Carlos C.

      Enjoy the Dominican Republic Peter

      5 days ago Like

    • Doug G.
      Doug G.

      Good run, welcome back to the cold, I am going out now, but i have 47 37 wind chill.

      5 days ago Like

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      Thanks!this is a duplicate post. I did not Iike the DR much, but I made the best of it. Never going back if I can help it.

      5 days ago Like

    • Doug G.
      Doug G.

      We like order, I also dislike interruptions. But, nice run therapy, it is the best kind. A run really helps to change our perspectives.

      3 days ago Like

  10. RUN
    good Therapy In The Field 2.4 km 00:15:00 10:03 pace

    I'm still doing cleanup at my old place, as I was rudely interrupted by this darned family event in the DR, and so I was able to get enough gear together to run the small sports field. Knees a... read more

  11. RE. The subject of cautioning people not to stretch too much... I just saw a quote on FB ( I dropped in just now) from Robert Heinlein..."A fool cannot be protected from his folly. If you atte... read more

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      Not so much saying people who stretch are fools, but it can apply even to something slightly dumb.

      4 days ago Like

  12. FIT
    good planks and situps 00:08:00

    After a fair bit of walking lugging luggage and many hours of travel I managed to do the planks and situps. The side planks were tough because the stupid shoes I wore all week, a pair of Brooks, d... read more

  13. swim
    good last swim 400 m 00:20 80:28 pace

    Had the chance to do a last swim, and grabbed it!

  14. RUN
    good Last beach run 4 km 00:25 10:03 pace

    I'm heading back, but got out there early for a farewell jog down to the beach, along it and back. I was passed by a guy in his early 40s in a shirt saying "Team St Lukes". It had be... read more

  15. FIT
    good The Planks 00:06:00

    Just keeping the plank streak going. There really is nowhere to do them where I am staying so it is tough to get them done.

  16. RUN
    good looping again 4 km 00:25 10:03 pace

    Easy loops around the streets near the accommodations, up the hill, down into the valley and back up again. 28C, very humid, sun was just coming up. I see a surprising number of runners around here... read more

  17. swim
    good another set of laps 400 m

    Just another set of pool laps. Mostly I was fooling around and stunting but I did keep going back and forth, back and forth to get the distance. The water was kind of nasty but I kept my head out o... read more

  18. FIT
    good planks x 2 00:10:00

    forgot to post the planks. Two nights' worth.

  19. RUN
    good Local Loop 2.4 km 00:15:00 10:03 pace

    Just the local loop near the accommodations.... up the hill. Across, down and again a couple more times. The tropical vegetation is quite beautiful. The birds are weird and make quite a fuss in the... read more

  20. swim
    good misc swims 1000 m

    Just adding up all the miscellaneous swims I took. Couple of lap sessions when I had time to get into the pool.