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Cortnie logged 58 miles.

Last workout almost 7 years ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. Shared Photo

    Kale, 1/2 banana, 1 cup Vanilla Almond Milk, 1 4oz yogurt cup(mixed berry). Yumm!! :)

  2. Had an amazing mini vacation with family! I ate delicious food, laughed a lot, and had a few fatal attempts at working out....All in all..I am back at my apartment, a fridge stocked with healthy de... read more

    • Kelly L.
      Kelly L.

      I noticed you hadn't been on in a while. Glad you had a great vacation!! Looking forward to hearing about your training again!

      over 6 years ago Like

    • Mischell Y.
      Mischell Y.

      Fatal attempts, haha! Welcome back from vacation. :)

      over 6 years ago Like

    • Peneloperae

      Welcome back....we need those breaks along the way. Glad you're getting back at it. :)

      over 6 years ago Like

  3. FIT
    great Gym! 16.08 mi 01:00 03:43 pace

    Another hour of spin! New favorite addiction! :)

    • Joe H.
      Joe H.

      great job!

      almost 7 years ago Like

    • Kelly L.
      Kelly L.

      Nice! Kudos to you! I can't stand bicycles.

      almost 7 years ago Like

    • Peneloperae

      Great spinning! That's one good addiction...:)

      almost 7 years ago Like

    • Walk W.
      Walk W.

      Good going Cortnie! I have never tried spinning before because it looks way too intense for me. Glad you enjoyed it and you did an awesome job!

      over 6 years ago Like

  4. RUN
    great Two Mile Test! 2 mi 00:17 08:24 pace

    Had 2 mile tests back to back in both my fitness classes at school today and ran the first one in my fastest time yet....8:01! I am soo happy! I gave myself a little break on the second run and ran... read more

  5. FIT
    great SPINNING 13.18 mi 01:00 04:33 pace

    Hardest spin class yet!!! So much fun though! I <3 SPIN!

  6. FIT
    great GYM 02:00

    1 hour of a fitness class called core and more...they weren't kidding when they said "more" followed by a 1 hour spin class! Feeling good now but I know I will be sore! :P

  7. RUN
    great Gym 3 mi 01:00 20:00 pace

    Didn't want to all! But I kept thinking about the mile time I have to beat on Monday! Sprinting intervals, followed by an arm/ab workout!

  8. RUN
    great Track 00:30

    Never pushed so hard in sprints! It is paying off! :)

  9. FIT
    great Rec Center 01:00

    Strength day! Legs, arms, abs!

  10. RUN
    good Track 1 mi 00:08:42 08:41 pace

    2 mins over my fastest time...but happy I'm averaging my mile around 8 mins & 40ish seconds! I've come a long way since the beginning of the year with a mile time of 11:59!

  11. RUN
    great Run/walk intervals/inclines 2.5 mi 00:25 10:00 pace

    Running intervals with high inclines! Never sweated so much!

  12. How do you all stay motivated?? Today has been one of those days!! Feeling kinda blah! Have been doing considerably well lately but I feel a weak point coming! Help!!

    • Adam R.
      Adam R.

      Well, maybe a rest day is in order, unless you have taken more than you hoped to lately. I keep reminding myself where I was and how badly I felt. On bad days, I usually head to the gym anyway. Once I'm there, I don't think I've EVER turned around and left. Then again, I've never been this driven for fitness in my entire life.

      almost 7 years ago Like

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    • Cortnie

      Thanks You all! Hmm I think I will go to the gym...I know I won't regret it afterward! I do think I need some solitude and time with my thoughts after too! :) thanks!

      almost 7 years ago Like

    • Cortnie

      Thanks Stephanie...I've been in that situation...Knowing myself If took a week off it would boil into a more than expected vacation! Lol...Keep it up too girl! Thanks for all the input!

      almost 7 years ago Like1 person

  13. FIT
    great Rec Center 01:00

    Had to mentally and emotionally prepare myself to wake up this morning to make it to a workout class at the gym, and despite all attempts to go back to sleep, I woke up and made it on time! Full bo... read more

  14. RUN
    alright Sprints again! 02:00

    Followed by a mostly lower body workout...Lunges, High Knees, Butt kicks, Wall sits, Abs, Oh my! 0_o Felt really sluggish today...Pushed through it though....Realizing I am not drinking enough wate... read more

    • Kelly L.
      Kelly L.

      good job. You will see the payoff for the sprints. They are not fun while you war doing them but they pay back for sure!

      almost 7 years ago Like

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    • Cortnie

      Haha Thanks Cory! Yeah, I was reading this article this morning about water. I know I have to hydrate it has just always been hard for me...I'll bring a water bottle around and forget to drink it lol! I know, its bad. I need to work on that.

      almost 7 years ago Like

    • Chris B.
      Chris B.

      I live in Colorado, it's second nature for many of us to carry around an insulated metal water bottle. You need to get one now that we are heading into warmer weather!

      almost 7 years ago Like

  15. RUN
    good Rec Center 4.11 mi 00:51 12:24 pace

    Run day today at the gym....incorporated some lunges after which really brought in the sweat! Trying to get ready for my 10k soon!

  16. RUN
    alright Sprints 00:45

    Not sure how many miles this consisted of but knocked out some sprints today which by the way I don't necessarily like but glad I did them after. (:

  17. FIT
    great Rec Center 10.1 mi 00:45 04:27 pace

    LOVE Spin!!!

  18. RUN
    great The Gym 5 mi 01:01 12:11 pace

    Pushed myself and ran 5 miles today on the treadmill! Maintained an average speed of 5mph and burned 532 calories! Wooo!

  19. RUN
    great 1 mi 00:08:40 08:39 pace

    My fastest time ever! Super excited! (: