Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga

Miles are great, but don't forget to recharge, refresh, and develop your core! This group is for the discussion of Yoga & Stretching practices good for general health - specifically as it aids our other activities: Running, Cycling, Swimming, etc...

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Source of daily yogaPosted by Jackie - 10 years ago212928Ray E. over 6 years ago
Nancy E
Yoga Streak ?Posted by Nancy E - 7 years ago01107-
Michael C.
how would you say yoga has changed your life?Posted by Michael C. - 10 years ago72054Katy Lady almost 9 years ago
Liz G.
What type of yoga do you practice?Posted by Liz G. - 10 years ago222891Ale X. about 8 years ago
Ray E.
Your Most Relaxing Pose?Posted by Ray E. - 10 years ago161863Shannon U. over 8 years ago
Carol R.
Yoga Helped My Iliotibial Band IssuesPosted by Carol R. - 8 years ago22287Carol R. almost 9 years ago
Eric B.
Nike Yoga workouts on iTunes?Posted by Eric B. - 9 years ago33076Kenya H. over 9 years ago
Laura A.
Running = low flexibility?Posted by Laura A. - 9 years ago11962Leslie I. over 9 years ago
Courtney B.
CaloriesPosted by Courtney B. - 10 years ago72325Pip G. over 9 years ago

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