The #FindYourStrong Project

Saucony is giving runners the chance to share their strong and to find inspiration, find a challenge, or a kick in the butt. The more we run, the stronger we all get. Strong is out there … what's yours?

#FindYourStrong Your Running Food/Fuel

May 23rd - May 29th

What fuels your run? Show us, and you could win the all new Saucony Ride 5!

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     #FindYourStrong Your Running Food/Fuel...Grilled egg & cheese sandwiches on wheat. Preferably super burnt :)

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    My favorite meal is an egg white/omega 3 egg omelet with veggies and green salsa. Never forget jalapenos the avocado!  #FindYourStrong

    • Dinh P.
      Dinh P.

      extreme like

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    • Penrhyn David Y
      Penrhyn David Y

      WOW - Tell me more!?! Please :)

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    • Greg F.
      Greg F.

      Basically I take one whole omega 3 egg add egg whites, spinach, bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, ground turkey (which I pre-cook for the week), corn tortillas (shredded) and jalepenos and cook in the skillet. I add fresh avocado and a locally made green salsa and voila heaven on earth!

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    Paleo inspired breakfast. Organic cage free vegetarian eggs, havarti cheese, fresh salsa from Green Mountain Gringo, fresh cilantro, fresh avocado slices and black pepper.

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    A vegetarian burrito full of proteins and fiber thanks to the black beans, anti-oxidants and vitamin K from the spinach and chard, and good fats from the avocado. A power house of a meal! #FindYou... read more

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    Memorial Day Run with Black Girls Run!

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     #FindYourStrong A bowl of quinoa, rotisserie chicken, and a spoon full of homemade hot sauce with a side of fresh local peaches, washed down with a half glass of homebrewed low alcohol(2.4%abv) so... read more

  7. FIT
    great Tank Top Wor... 00:45

    Two rounds = 60 pushups, 48 bicep burners, 30 shoulder presses, 30 tricep dips, 30 back rows, 30 lateral raises, 30 tricep kickbacks.  #FindYourStrong

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     #FindYourStrong My very favorite veg - Broccoli!

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    yum, yum, yum  #FindYourStrong

  10. RUN
    great Great Hyannis Road Race 13.2 mi 02:23 10:50 pace

    I did it!!! Half marathon complete!! I wore my Saucony "Find Your Strong" bracelet and kept reminding myself that I AM strong not only at 20 weeks pregnant but ALWAYS!!! #Fitfluential ... read more

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    This is me at my track meet in the winter

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    This is what I look forward to after my run.  #FindYourStrong

  13. RUN
    good 6.52 mi 00:56 08:32 pace

    Hot, humid run this morning! Splits:
    1: 8:45
    2: 8:34
    3: 8:33
    4: 8:32
    5: 8:20
    6: 8:27
    7: 4:29 (8:33)
    #23weekspregnant #thankful #fitfluential  #FindYourStrong

    • Pam

      nice job Michelle!! way to "findyourstrong!!!" :))

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    • Julia S.
      Julia S.

      awesome run! in tough weather too! great job!

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    • Coreyanne A.
      Coreyanne A.

      Great job! Just found your blog - I am still running at 34 weeks with my 6th baby (new to me since I was not a runner until I had 4 kids and needed to run to have "me" time :)) BTW I am USNA Class of '98 - Go Navy! :)

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    • Sam L
      Sam L

      Very strong run in the heat & humidity!

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     #FindYourStrong Cereal, Yogo and Banana in AM before run, ROCTANE GU with GU Brew and water during run, and Fruit and Turkey sandwich after run.

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    The little pink head represents a dear friend Todd, he is my fuel. I run because Todd can't, sadly Todd finally lost his battle against lung cancer on the 23rd of May. He wil... read more

    • Dorothy G.
      Dorothy G.

      Again so sorry for the loss of your friend. I lost my mom to that also, and my neighbor too just died from that so hard to watch the ones you love go through such a tough battle. I'm sure he is running with you in spirit

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    I love smoothies for my post-run fuel, especially with strawberries, almonds and chocolate  #FindYourStrong.

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    Chocolate-Chip Pancake
    -1 egg
    -1/4 c orange juice or apple cider
    -2 tbsp milled flax
    1/2 c quick oats
    -1/2 c bisquick
    -1/4 c chocolate chips

    So tasty, and perfectly filling. Give... read more