#dailymission on June 14, 2012

Pre-workout stretching. Thumb's up or down?

  1. #dailymission I have too many goals/dreams to list them all. I just hope that when I'm an old lady, I can look back on my life and know that I did all that I could do and worked as hard I coul... read more

  2. #dailymission Never investing in high quality apparel/equipment. I always go for the discount (because I'm cheap) and end up wearing stuff out and getting injured. For shame!

    • Ryan G.
      Ryan G.

      I run in my shoes until they are literally falling apart at the seams, so I feel you there.

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    • Jenna L.
      Jenna L.

      I did that last year. Middle of a 10k... 'Oh, hello big toe sticking out my shoe. Welcome to the party.'

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  3. #dailymission Not sure if this means the run itself or the course/workout. So, I will take this opportunity to go in my own direction (spontaneous!). In general, I think methodical training is... read more

    • Vira K.
      Vira K.

      Smart words. The only wrong approach I've ever seen are people who are all talk, no action, and then wonder why they struggle in a race.

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    • Larry

      A few friends have said to me I race too much, I should target races, etc. I agree with them 100%. My goals have been more fun and social. But, I accept the results. The definition of insanity is...... So, yes Vira, not a fan of the talkers/complainers.

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  4. #dailymission Yes, I run on a whim all the time. My most spontaneous runs usually occur when I'm angry/upset. Instead of letting it get to me I'll just bolt out the door.

  5. #dailymission Thumbs down. Why stretch when your muscles are cold and brittle?

    I'll stretch out a bit after some runs...

  6. #dailymission Horses don't stretch. I'm a horse.
    Seriously, muscles are supposed to be really warm before they are stretched. Stretch afterwards and gently; don't stretch before.

  7. #dailymission Stretching my legs and back is necessary to run longer than a mile or two for me.

    • Jason G.
      Jason G.

      I dont always do it but a good back stretch (or warm up in general) makes all my running and biking better.

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  8. #dailymission I'm the worst stretcher ever... I pretend to do it for a few minutes...walk the dogs and go... After... a lame couple of minutes then I get bored or need ice. I like to think tha... read more

    • Nina B.
      Nina B.

      I'm terrible at stretching too... It's hard for me to make myself do it when I'm injured, and when I'm NOT injured I pretty much have to FORCE myself to do it.

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    • Justin T.
      Justin T.

      Stretching really isn't worth doing unless you've got a specific area to attend to. I stretch out my calves to keep the PF at bay but otherwise the first mile is my stretch. A good cooldown is worthwhile after a hard workout though.

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  9. #dailymission big thumbs up. if you don't do it before...you may not need to do it after...

  10. #dailymission I'm a big proponent now. I used to get back pain from running, but not if I stretch my hamstrings beforehand.

  11. #dailymission Pre-workout stretching. Thumbs up or down?

    Thumbs down due to injury risk. Minimal post-run stretching, just a little for the ITB now and then. Think I read somewhere that Anton Kru... read more

  12. #dailymission Read an interesting article a while back that said stretching before physical activity makes the muscles less ready for a workout because they're more relaxed and they need to be... read more

    • Helene T.

      Actually we should do active warmups, no still stretches.

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    • Matt E.
      Matt E.


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    • Matt E.
      Matt E.

      I watched a DVD that gave drills for natural running and that's turned into a perfect warm-up for me.

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  13. #dailymission Pre-workout WHAT? I just need to get on the road. If I do a stretch that involves sitting I might decide to just stay there. I save the stretching for after and in between workouts.

    • Brenda B.
      Brenda B.

      Same here...I never stretch before, I want to just get out and run. Stretch afterwards always

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    • Luna

      haha I am exactly the same.

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  14. #dailymission Pre-workout stretching. Thumb's up or down?

    Thumbs down. I stretch and get rollin' with my foamy post workout.

    • Connie

      I don't do it, and I've heard pros and cons both. Do you do it?

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    • Christine C.
      Christine C.

      Pre-workout, no. Post-workout, yes. I have extremely tight gastrocnemius and soles muscles which contribute to my plantar fasciitis and the stretching and rolling keep it at bay.

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  15. #dailymission- Thumbs up! Definitely stretch before and after my workouts - good advice from my Ortho Doctor!

  16. #dailymission
    Thumbs down for a pre-workout, thumbs up in the middle workout and post workout, also thumbs up for a shorter distance race, along with a warm-up and a stick rolling...

  17. #dailymission I haven't in the past but I'm trying to do a better job. I think it definitely helps!

  18. #dailymission Pre-workout stretching. Thumb's up or down? -- I do a little bit of dynamic stretching before. Much more stretching after.

  19. #dailymission Pre-workout stretching. Thumb's up or down? Thumb's up. I have done it before every run for seven years and felt better because it. All the experts are wrong when it comes t... read more

    • Mick S.
      Mick S.

      I don't but I always feel better if I roll before a run but being lazy and usually running behind time means I don't do it often enough. Heck, I don't always stretch after a run either. I am of the belief that if it works for you, rock on!

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