#dailymission on June 13, 2011

What is your finish line fantasy? (Post a story about winning a marathon, running your first, going sky diving for the first time... anything! It's your day to dream big!)

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    #dailymission Describe your favorite place to run/walk/swim/cycle/hike--Devils Lake, WI. Beautiful, pristine, and very warm lake. Wonderful roads for cycling- with very challenging hills and also r... read more

  2. #dailymission Along the Ashokan Resevoir in upstate NY... Catskill mountains, water, blue sky, cool air, total solitude...Wow!

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    #dailymission Post picture of your youngest self as an athlete...
    Long long way to go before I can start calling myself an "athlete"

    • Rick

      I like your picture Stephen. I was thinking about this on my run this morning and saw some elderly folks struggling just to walk upright. I want people to tell me that I don't look a day over 70 when I'm 85!

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    • Bernadette D.
      Bernadette D.

      Stephen!!! You're an athlete so just accept it :)

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    • Marty

      hahaha you seemed to move your arse like an athlete with a beer at the other end.

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  4. #dailymission: Empire State Marathon 2011:/ 3:18:00>Boston Marathon 2012/: 3:25:00; Arrowhead Ultramarathon 2012/ 44:00:00; Badwater Ultramarathon 2012/ 36:00:00. Hardroc... read more

    • Rob Y.
      Rob Y.

      38 hour Hardrock? Ambitious goals, I like that! Have you crewed/paced at Badwater yet?

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    • Erin

      Hardcore stuff!

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    • Marlene V.
      Marlene V.

      You are just an amazing man Tim!!! what can I say!!! don't forget to make some time to take all your DM post and put that book together!!

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  5. #dailymission What is your finish line fantasy?
    I'd like to do a trail run where everyone goes off course except me and I end up winning. Then there is chocolate ice cream at the end and a h... read more

    • Jeff V.
      Jeff V.

      i really liked the ice cream part! You can never go wrong with ice cream...

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    • Chris K.
      Chris K.

      chocolate ice cream .. ok, I can imagine that

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  6. #dailymission Win Bad Water & Western States, break the world record for the marathon, Climb Mt. Everest without oxygen tank, Run across Asia, Win the Kickboxing Championships, Bench Press trip... read more

  7. #dailymission Duh, winning.

    • Nora

      It's all about finding a race small enough. That's my secret. Did you know that I am the 7 time winner of the "Cure for Nora 5K"? Yep. Good race. All proceeds go to research about what causes Noras to occur (we think we've got that figured out now) and how Noras effect others-. turns out some people laugh themselves silly while others get hives...

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    • Rob Y.
      Rob Y.

      Winning is easy if you find the right race, posting a solid time takes much more effort. I'd rather have my @ss handed to me in a race but be pulled to a very fast time than win a race with a slow time...

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  8. #dailymission
    Finish a 5k or 10k with no one else in front of me. Now that would be fun.

  9. #dailymission My finish line fantasy is to see the clock read 3:35...or lower (if we're talking fantasy here!) I also wouldn't mind a decent photo:)

    • Jason M G.
      Jason M G.

      Fantasy? Yeah, a decent marathon race photo would be nice! Even when I'm feeling strong and smiling my form looks like I'm tryng to pass a kidney stone!

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  10. #dailymission What is your finish line fantasy? 3:14. I should write that on a picture of an Aston Martin and a house in San Francisco (or maybe the Seychelles). That's only 1:13 faster than... read more

  11. #dailymission What is your finish line fantasy? My fantasy is to glide to the finish line gracefully, without tripping, falling on anyone, collapsing on the volunteers, injuring any body part or d... read more

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    #dailymission This is my fantasy... breaking the Finish Line Ribbon or is it tape?. Then a symphony of champagne bottles popping!!! A girl can dream =)

  13. #dailymission What is your finish line fantasy?

    Crossing the finish line of the Ironman in Kona.

  14. #dailymission What is your finish line fantasy?
    When I was little, we used to get a bath in an old tin bath that got brought in from the shed.
    My finish line fantasy would be to break the tape in t... read more

    • Brian A.
      Brian A.

      Make sure that Guinness is cold, Ray. Don't want to do all that work and be forced to drink warm ale. LOL.

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  15. #dailymission My finish line fantasy is to cross the line just in time to get the Royal Order of the Crimson Cheetah buckle at Wasatch.

  16. #dailymission: What is your finish line fantasy...more about the race than the finish line :) Doing the Mount Dessert Island Marathon-because I love running and I love Mount Dessert Island. Next year!

  17. #dailymission Pretty much exactly what happened at my first half marathon -- except with fresher legs, and preferably they won't be out of finisher's medals either.

  18. #dailymission Way back before I ever ran at all, I had a dream that I won the Charleston (WV) Distance Run. Not first woman, not first in my age group, but broke the tape and crossed the line firs... read more