#dailymission on June 08, 2012

What motivates you?

  1. #dailymission My mantra when running/cycling gets tough is: If you push through this, you will be stronger next time, so don't stop moving.

  2. #dailymission I actually thought of a new mantra the other day...I often lift to the point of failure, and there's no reason to not do the same when doing intervals or reaching for a new dista... read more

    • Derek R.
      Derek R.

      When I run (which is pretty much 100% in hills) I always tell myself the only reason to walk is if I'm injured or on the verge of losing consciousness. So far, so good. I haven't walked on a run since I hurt my foot 2 years ago

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    • Mary

      That is seriously AWESOME Derek! I walk a lot on the trails, but I want to walk less every time I go out there. Trail running really makes me feel that can't-give-up feeling. I like it. It's a great battle!

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    • Derek R.
      Derek R.

      I had planned plenty of walk breaks for the 50k I had to skip. I do modulate speed but always keep a minimum of a 'jog'. I did some walk testing in the 50k training and it screws with my mind so much that I decided to avoid it. I'm all go or all no

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  3. #dailymission Bandit or legit? I've never tried bandit. If I did, I would bring my own food and drink. Bandits who take free stuff, even if it's just water, are thieves! May they fall in ... read more

  4. #dailymission I am very anti-bandit, especially if someone is doing it as a practice run. Training is about learning to push yourself to longer distances all alone, with just the voices in your hea... read more

    • Jocelyn

      I don't have an issues with bandits as long as there's not an insane amount of them, and they don't take anything (no water cups, no pizza, nothing!)

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    • Bob D
      Bob D

      Mary if I bandit I wear a zorro mask. But I haven't done it yet. Can't get past the guilt factor.

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    • Norman M.
      Norman M.

      Preach ON :)

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  5. #dailymission - Running Bandit Style - not paying for a race - thumbs up or thumbs down? The jury is out on that one for me. My husband runs bandit all the time. He is sorta there to help me, so... read more

    • Tim C.
      Tim C.

      I can totally understand your husband running with you. I've ran bandit a few times to run with a friend. Sometimes the race was full or I just didn't have the money. If no one paid then I guess we wouldn't have races, so I support paying when you can.

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    • Dana

      Carter did the Mini and 10 Miler bandit this year. He was injured when I registered, but by the time races rolled around, he didn't feel like waiting for me, so I told him go for it. I figure, they've got my money, and their's no bib/ chip/ shirt/other swag for him, he's not costing them anything, so why not? Same with you Lisa, they got your entry fee, it's not as if they're totally getting ripped off.

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  6. #dailymission The process of planning, training and execution of a good, long ride as well as the physical benefits of being able to ride my bike +200 miles in 24 hours at 70 years of age. Noth... read more

    • Dale T.
      Dale T.

      Well said :)

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    • Robert J.
      Robert J.

      Do you plan on accomplishing this in increments? Would love to know your plan of attack.

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    • Joe J.
      Joe J.

      Excellent ambition and dedication. Your an inspiration.

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  7. #dailymission What motivates me? Cute clothes that fit right and not looking my age :)

  8. #dailymission- Beer. Not gonna lie, 1 mile=1 beer, as long as I end up with more miles than beer I'm doing well :)

  9. #dailymission um, is it weird for me to say running itself motivates me? I just love to be doing what I do!

  10. #dailymission What motivates you? --Proving to myself that the only limitations I have are the ones I set myself...pushing myself to the limit to only realize I have no limits... and my little girl... read more

  11. #dailymission feeling strong and free and being able to eat copious amounts of food;)

  12. #dailymission what motivates me? I imagine I'm crossing the line whilst they're shouting over the speakers "Samantha Howard you ARE an IRONMAN" hell yeah then I raise my arms so... read more

  13. #dailymission Many things,to stay healthy for my kids,reaching goals I have set for myself,if there is coffee waiting at the end of a morning run I will always pick it up:0)

  14. #dailymission What motivates me? The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5k Marathon that is two weeks from tomorrow. I have an aunt who had breast cancer and I run for her. I tell myself that if t... read more