16798 total / 0 in 2018

-10 perfect-form pull-ups -Deadlift 210, squat 180 [5x5] -Bouldering V2-V3s, TRing 5.10c -Stay strong, happy & injury-free

Wall of Motivation (53)

  1. Alison D.
      Post a workout!

    I'm finally running again with some regularity. Thinking about a Seattle race... read more

  2. Bri C.
      Nice Job

    woo hoo! on a workout

  3. Bri C.
      Nice Job

    Another great outing! on a workout

  4. Alex L.
      Nice Job

    thats some serious climbing! on a workout

  5. Bri C.
      Nice Job

    It all helps towards getting better! on a workout

  6. Bri C.
      Nice Job

    Still putting in work! on a workout

  7. Mary C.
      Nice Job

    Are you training for something in particular?? on a workout

  8. Justin G.
      You're Funny

    No Tour De France?! on a workout

  9. Karen K.
      Nice Job

    Geebus! Good job!! on a workout

  10. Franco S.
      Nice Job

    you are consistently putting in lots of miles not just in running but as well... read more

  11. Karen K.
      Nice Job

    Wow, it's cold over there!! Glad you got a good air run in! :) on a workout

  12. Karen K.
      Nice Job

    Nice workout! Wa to tough it out! :D on a workout

  13. James S.
      Nice Job

    Of course. Nice long run, though. Good job. on a workout

  14. Karen K.

    Awesome long run!! Enjoy that produce! :D on a workout

  15. Karen K.
      You're Badass

    Impressive 13 miler in this heat, Yvon!! :D on a workout

  16. Ben S.
      You're an Inspiration

    Wow...serious spinning miles! on a workout

  17. Luna B.
      Nice Job

    nice 1! on a workout

  18. Ben S.
      Get Better

    Ack! No bueno. Be careful on that and good luck tomorrow. on a workout

  19. Alex R.

    Congratulations Yvon! on a workout

  20. James S.
      Good Luck

    Nice pace! on a workout

  21. Karen K.
      Great Performance

    Love that you felt you creamed it! That's the best feeling ever!! on a workout

  22. Lonn J.
      Nice Job

    I can't believe the mileage you are putting in. You're going to smoke sub-4 a... read more

  23. Tanya R.
      Great Performance

    Wow! Awesome 20+ miler. :) Excellent. on a workout

  24. Ben S.
      Great Performance

    hellsyah! Awesome 20! on a workout

  25. Laura O.
      Great Performance

    Good job on a workout

  26. Karen K.
      Nice Job

    Welcome home! Great to celebrate with a run! :D on a workout

  27. Laura O.
      Great Performance

    Good work. on a workout

  28. Alison D.
      Great Performance

    Great mileage!!! You have certainly made a full recovery. Happy New Year! on a workout

  29. Alison D.
      Great Performance

    Sounds like you're back in full swing. on a workout

  30. Karen K.
      Great Performance

    Niiiiiiice! :D on a workout

  31. Karen K.
      Nice Job

    Whoo hoo!! :D on a workout

  32. Karen K.
      You're Funny

    Heading towards a duathlon maybe? ;) on a workout

  33. Ben S.
      Nice Job

    I would be a monster if I couldn't run after work. Glad you enjoyed it. on a workout

  34. Alison D.
      Great Performance

    Wow--speedy finish! on a workout

  35. Tanya R.

    Awesome work! :) Very very nice. on a workout

  36. Alison D.

    Way to go, Yvon!! Glad you enjoyed this amazing event. on a workout

  37. Karen K.
      You're an Inspiration

    WHOO HOO! Congratulations!! :D on a workout

  38. Karen K.
      Good Luck

    Good luck tomorrow!! You'll do GREAT! :D on a workout

  39. Karen K.
      Great Performance

    You're just getting faster and faster! It happens! :D on a workout

  40. Karen K.
      Great Performance

    Awesome distance and pace!! on a workout

  41. Markian D.
      Great Performance

    Nice run, Yvon! Keep it going. on a workout

  42. Jason C.
      Nice Job

    Keep up the good work. Keep your eyes on the Saturday prize...

  43. Karen K.
      Nice Job

    Nice pace!! Whoo hoo! Let those knees heal! You've had a pretty great weekend... read more

  44. Alison D.
      Great Performance

    Awesome job! Welcome to the road racing crew!! on a workout

  45. Karen K.
      Great Performance

    Very awesome, Yvon!! Congratulations!! :D on a workout

  46. Tanya R.
      Nice Job

    Lots of runners out this morning. Perfect for a run. :) Glad the knee is OK. on a workout

  47. Wiiqi
      Nice Job

    Nice run. on a workout

  48. Wiiqi
      Great Performance

    Excellent Yvon. on a workout

  49. Chester M.
      Nice Job

    You've racked up a lot of miles this week. You're gonna do so great at your r... read more

  50. Karen K.
      Nice Job

    That's a great pace! on a workout