Friends (78)

  • Kim B.

    Kim B.

    Green Bay, WI, Ran Boston & my first ultra in 2016. Goal for 2017 is to run longer & further in my second ultra! Want to stay healthy & enjoy the ride. And do the splits again

  • Ruth K.

    Ruth K.

    ירושלים, IL, 21.1 in Jerusalem, March 2014. M2V 215km relay, May 2015

  • Kathryn
  • Rebekah


    Arlington, MA, recover from injury; build back up to a 5K by Thanksgiving 2016; hike all the mountains

  • Julian W.

    Julian W.

    Magdalena, PE, Iron Man 2014

  • Michael G.

    Michael G.

    North Plainfield, NJ, Continue to run for charity!

  • Carrie S.

    Carrie S.

    Williamstown, MA, To get my body back in shape after growing two small humans inside it. To regain my mental health. And a 10K in October of this year!

  • Crissy


    Rutherford, NJ, To run a half-marathon in under 2 hours by the time I am 42. PR is 2:10:19.

  • Greg N.

    Greg N.

    Woodstock, GA, Find the former runner that used to live in my body...

  • Katie T.

    Katie T.

    Buffalo, NY, 2017 Goals: 1. Complete at least one state. 2. Prepare for world domination. (Doopy 2018) 3. Do yoga daily. Even one pose counts.

  • Patrick T.

    Patrick T.

    China, Wenzhou, China Marathon November 27, 2016

  • Kirsten


    Mc Murray, PA,

  • Kristen K.

    Kristen K.

    Barrington, RI, Sub 2 hour Half-marathon

  • Karyn S.

    Karyn S.

    Rochester, NY, 5k in under 24 min running, 20 miles in an hour biking, place in the top 50% of a duathlon

  • Ronalee


    Fort Walton Beach, FL, Continue on my walking journey. Can't wait to see where I end up.

  • Lauren B.

    Lauren B.

    Sarasota, FL, 2016 miles in 2016

  • Sara P.

    Sara P.

    Providence, RI, MS 150 - Cape Cod

  • Katie M.

    Katie M.

    Cincinnati, OH, Just keep running!

  • Reed L.

    Reed L.

    Madison, WI, Try to beat or at least match closely my half time from early last year. I've got 3 months till Nov 2nd....Get me in shape, Hal!!

  • Margaret


    New York, NY, PR in the marathon, while remaining injury-free all training long!

  • Catie B.

    Catie B.

    New York, NY, To run marathons while still having a social life

  • Courtney


    US, 1:45 half, 21:00 5k

  • Carrie


    Torrance, CA,

  • Run With Jess

    Run With Jess

    Peoria, IL, **2014** •Olympic Triathlon •Full Marathon under 4:10 •Stay healthy and happy!

  • Hannah


    London, GB, Do my first tri in 2013. Run three Halfs. Compete in a trail/fell race.