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Wendy logged 1008 miles.

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  1. Shared Photo

    catching up on DM while Mister Oliver sleeps pooped from his walk!

  2. FIT
    upper body gym workout

    Last nights workout. just getting it on DM today!

  3. walk
    Me and Mister Oliver 4 mi

    Two days added into one since I didn't get by to log them last evening. I've come to the conclusion that two miles is perfect for my little dog, any more than that he needs carried home.

  4. RUN
    great run about town, neighborhoods... 8 mi

    This is actually monday's run and todays run. trying to get back into the habit of logging on DM and build up my milage and catch up on everyone elses workouts. 4 miles monday, 4 today. hap... read more

  5. I'm in need of book recommendations. I just ordered a kindle. I got kind of hooked on reading the past month thanks to my friends who MADE me read 50 Shades of Grey (true, they all read it a... read more

    • Sherri M
      Sherri M

      I'll be checking to see what others suggest. I have a kindle gift card to spend. :)

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    • Joy M.
      Joy M.

      Currently reading: "A Race Like No Other" by Liz Robbins. It's about the NYC Marathon. Really interesting because it goes into the history of the race and personal stories of people running it, both professionals and regular folks.

      What do you like to read? I read a bit of everything from sci-fi to classics to fiction and everything else.

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    • Carol H.
      Carol H.

      Glad you're still working out! Missed your posts. My sis keeps telling me I need to read Born to Run- I haven't yet, though

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  6. FIT
    great upper/lower body at the gym. 01:00

    GYM DAY! started a new program today. this is four week program mostly periodization but each session is full body. not sure i'm going to like it. I'm used to split body rotations. An... read more

  7. RUN
    run about town and trails 5 mi

    been off of dailymile, but not off my training! was having some family issues for awhile, and couldn't seem to find the time to tend to my DM things, so took a few weeks off. But sure missed... read more

  8. FIT
    great leg day! 00:45

    another great booty session. had to cut it short to take care of some family stuff, but great session overall. squats wide/narrow stance, hack squat, split squats and deadlifts. looking forward ... read more

  9. FIT
    great upper body heavy weight work 00:50

    Yes that makes three workouts for me today. But I had none yesterday, and I'm a bit obsessive about getting in so many weight sessions, so heavied up and had a great session. lat pulls close... read more

  10. walk
    Me and Mr Oliver about town 3 mi

    took my newly groomed out on the town to show him off. He smells like baby powder. doing our job of keeping the posts/trees and the such hydrated

  11. RUN
    alright working out the sick bugs 4 mi

    work up (after sleeping 12 hours) feeling much better from yesterdays sick day. so thought I would take a short run to work it out. legs felt tired so only few hills, mostly flats. taking Oliver ... read more

  12. sick today. no workout. I haven't been sick for two or three years( when the H1n1 was going around?). can't believe it, I'm leaving for the beach in 6 days. gotta look good in th... read more

  13. walk
    great me and my friend and our dogs 3 mi

    Came home from the run, and got a text from my friend to walk, so put little buddy on a leash and had a wonderful walk. got rained on a little, but that's okay, just means Oliver needs a bath... read more

  14. RUN
    alright run about town 5 mi

    I don't know what it is about running lately. I really have to talk myself into it. I seem to want to bike or do weights. but I got this one in and zapped the zero

    • Kari E.
      Kari E.

      Zapped the zero with great mileage, and fit in another 3 mile walk to - well done!

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    • Ralph C.
      Ralph C.

      Way to get out there and get it done. You need to get a doggy stroller and push Oliver around. That would motivate you to run as well as get a better workout when you do.

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    • Ruth H.
      Ruth H.

      Zero nicely zapped!Perhaps we should all just do what we enjoy.

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  15. VELO
    great All over town and around 16 mi

    nothing special. just a saturday ride on the back roads and thru town. managed to work quite a few hills in to make it a great workout.

  16. FIT
    great booty work! 01:00

    Its official. I look forward to thursdays workout the most. I don't know why I love lower body weight work, but I do. And I always do it thursdays, cause fridays a planned rest day and my l... read more

  17. FIT
    great upper body weight work 01:00

    I was so happy to have enough time to get some weight work in. this day was so busy. but I did, and it was great. upper body bent rows, lat pull downs, close and wide grip, barbell curls, dips. ... read more

  18. RUN
    good 66 degrees my Ass! run about ... 5 mi

    weather channel said 66 degrees when I headed out. sure like to know where they set their thermometer because it sure is hotter than that! sweaty by the first 5 minutes. but glad to have gotten ... read more

  19. walk
    great Me and Mister Oliver 4 mi

    me, my friend and our dogs again. Oliver is so darned excited for every walk, he yips the whole way down the street. compelling all my neighbors outside to say "olivers going for a walk!!&qu... read more

    • Sherri M
      Sherri M

      The pollen here is awful, and I think I've heard that it really gets in their fur and everywhere. My little dog has these breathing attacks that sound like asthma to me, but my vet says they are infrequent enough that he is not concerned. Scares me though! Poor little Oliver, hope he is feeling better.

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    • Kari E.
      Kari E.

      Oh I hope Oliver is feeling better!

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    • Rina M.
      Rina M. Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      Hope he's OK Wendy! :+)

      over 6 years ago

  20. RUN
    great Morning run around town 5 mi

    First run in a week! I've been so busy the past three days, all I was able to fit in was a short weight session. todays run about town felt great, even if the heat was cranking! sweaty run,... read more