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Sara logged 3847 miles.

Last workout almost 5 years ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. FIT
    Leg Day! 01:00

    Leg extension 2x30 (warm up)
    Squat 2x15
    Squat 2x10
    Leg press 4x8
    Lunges 1x20
    Lunges 2x10
    Barbell step up 3x10
    PliƩ DB squat 3x15
    Calf raise 4x20

  2. RUN
    Treadmill 2 mi 00:30 14:54 pace

    I got to add cardio back today! 2 miles at a fast walk starting at 2% incline and working up to 6%. So happy!

  3. FIT
    Back Day 00:30

    Wide grip lat pulldown 3x10
    Bent over row 3x10
    Seated cable row 3x10
    Wide grip lat pulldown 3x10
    Hammer strength lat pulldown 3x10
    Single arm dumbbell row 3x10

  4. FIT
    Shoulders and Abs 00:40

    Shoulder press
    Rear delt flys
    Front raise
    Arnold press
    Lateral raise
    Bent over rear delt flys
    Air bikes

  5. FIT
    Leg Day 01:00

    Leg extension 3 x 10
    Front squat 3 x 10
    Lunges 3 x 10
    Leg press 3 x 10
    Calf raise 3 x 10

  6. FIT
    Chest and Triceps 00:45

    3x10 push-ups, chest press, incline press, bench dips, tricep pushdown, tricep kickback, tricep overhead extension.

  7. FIT
    Leg Day 00:40

    Leg extension
    Front squat
    Leg press
    Calf raise

    The leg curl was broken. Super bummed.

  8. FIT
    Back and Biceps 00:40

    Hammer grip lat pull
    Wide grip lat pulldown
    Cable row
    Cable curls
    T-bar row
    Back extension
    Hammer curl
    Dumbbell curl

  9. FIT
    Shoulders and Avs 00:30

    3 x 10: shoulder press, delt fly, front raise, lateral raise, Arnold press, rear delt fly, crunches, and oblique crunches.

  10. FIT
    Chest and Tris 01:00

    3 x 10: wide push-ups, chest press, incline press, flys, bench dips, triceps pushdown, overhead tricep extension, dumbbell tricep kickback, and skull crushers.

  11. FIT
    Leg Day! 01:00

    3 x 10: Leg extension, squat, lunge, single leg KB deadlift, leg curl, standing calf raise, leg press! Boom!

  12. FIT
    Back and Biceps 01:00

    3x10: wide grip lat pulldown, hammer grip lat pulldown, cable row, back extension, curls, hammer curls, cable curls.

  13. RUN
    Treadmill 3 mi 00:30 10:02 pace

    Quickie after weights

  14. FIT
    Legs and Shoulders 01:00

    3x12 of leg press, extension, curl, squat, calf raise. Then 3x12 shoulder press, front delt raise, side lateral raise, rear delt fly. Week 2 is over!

  15. FIT
    Back and Bis 01:00

    Lat pull down 3 x 12 50lbs
    Dumbbell row 3 x 12 20lbs
    Cable row 3 x 12 60lbs
    Underhand pull down 3 x 12 50lb
    Dumbbell bicep curl 3 x 12 10lb
    Cable curl 3 x 12 20lb

  16. FIT
    Chest and Tris 00:45

    3 x 12 of wide push-ups, chest press, narrow push-ups, tricep push down, and overhead tricep extensions. Owwwww!

  17. FIT
    Shoulders and Abs 00:45

    3 x 12 of: shoulder press, front delt raise, side lateral raise, rear delt flys, stability ball crunches, and air bike.

  18. FIT
    Leg Day 01:00

    3 x 12 of:
    Leg press
    Leg extension
    Leg curl
    Calf raises

  19. RUN
    Warm up 1 mi 00:09:33 09:33 pace

    Warm up for leg day