Wall of Motivation (10)

  1. Lorena G.

    congrats!!! i carried huaraches on a race with me once. i ended up not needin... read more

  2. Sheldon W.
      Get Better

    Ouch! I hope you figure out what is going on. Take it easy and heal up! on a workout

  3. Kirsten L.
      Nice Job

    oo most excellent! Awesome job motivating yourself on a workout

  4. Lida
      Get Better

    Ouch! on a workout

  5. Lida
      Get Better

    Good job listening to your feet! Mine is twinging a little today so I'll prob... read more

  6. Lorena G.
      Nice Job

    way to go! on a workout

  7. Kat
      Great Performance

    Great pace! on a workout

  8. Noodfoot Dood
      You're Funny

    "Silent ninja style" :) on a workout

  9. Noodfoot Dood

    What is Glee? on a workout

  10. Noodfoot Dood
      Get Better

    Keep up being patient for your recovery and listen anything your body has to ... read more